Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hello all, how has the month of July been so far? indeed for me it has been an unusual month.Its ten days down the month already and i have seen God in so many unusual ways doing things His way to glorify His name. As i waited on God as regards this month, i had so many witness in my spirit that this month is different and God is set to do awesome things, and as i studied, Numbers 3 vs 13-14 resonated in my spirit as the words for the month.

Moses in Numbers 3 encountered God and His life did a 360 degree turn around that not only affected him but Israel and its people forever. .. that's what i am talking about, what God will do this month will affect generations for good...I don't know how to say or write it but mark my words, this is a month to watch out for..

I am so excited at what God will do with those that will take the time to wait upon Him this month...Isaiah 40 captures the essence of God awesomeness's as regards what He will do this month, as we wait on Him, He will turn things around for good..Isaiah 30 vs 15a says in returning to God and in resting in Him, shall we be saved, in quietness and in trusting confidence shall be our strength...

Our trust in God this month must be total as God has promised He will be I AM THAT I AM in our lives...If we call Him our Provider, He will show up as that just like He provided for Abraham in Genesis 22 vs 1-20.
If we call Him our Shepherd, He will show up as that just as in Psalm 23. If we call Him our Protector and Safety, He will show up as that just as in Psalm 91. If we call Him our help, He will show up as a present help as in Psalm 46 and 121. If we call Him our deliverer, He will show up as that as in Psalm 124. The truth is that this month, what ever we call God as and believe Him for will come to pass as we wait upon Him...This month, i have called Him my Praise..Psalm 148.

I can not contain my excitement, but i ask that you trust God and have faith in His words and i ask that you enjoy this month of perfection as God is indeed set to perfect all that concerns you as you trust Him this month as your I AM THAT I AM.

Do you know that in Mark 11 vs 22-24, Jesus Christ said if we have faith, whatever we say happens as we believe and pray ?

Prayer Point - Ask God to help your unbelief and trust in Him totally in Jesus name amen.

Action - Take time to study the word of God as the bible is a complete book and anything you are going through is in the word of God. Take time to also choose those to speak to, any person that will not bring solution to you in line with God's words should be given some distance..God help us all.

Congratulations to everyone celebrating this month, may the joy and favor of the Lord be yours in Jesus name amen

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