Sunday, July 31, 2011


I trust our month has been great. I have had so many reasons to give thanks to God this month of July, and indeed as I said at the beginning of the month, what God has done this month will outlive us in Jesus name amen.

My children had their prize giving day ceremony a couple of days back. The three of them made me proud as they were called out as recipient of different prizes in their various class. They all went home happy as they had their prizes to show off to their uncle and aunt who had been part of the prize giving ceremony.

When their Father arrived from work later in the evening, one of my daughters who had come second position in her class was telling her dad, about the girl that came first and that next time she will come first and her dad told her quietly that it was not the position that mattered but that next time, she will do better than her current result and she should not see the girl that came first in the class as her competitor but see herself as competing against herself. That to me was a profound statement. How many times have we compared ourselves with our siblings, friends, colleagues, neighbours and people around us? We see them sometimes as better than us and people we must out do or outshine, but if the truth be told, just as the bible said, those that compare themselves with others are not wise. Check out 2 Corinthians 10- 12-18.

God has made each of us unique in our own way and has given us all things that pertains to life and godliness, so we all have our paths to follow, my way of making progress will definitely not be another person's way. When God gave us our talents just as illustrated in the bible, in Matthew 25-14-28, He gave everyone to their abilities and He came back to expect results relative to what they had been given and not in comparison to others, so the servant that He berated was scolded and sent away because he was unproductive to himself and his master.

So what am I saying, do not let another person's success throw you off balance. You are not competing against anyone but yourself. If you achieve a particular level of success today, improve on it and take it to another level just like the Ezekiel 47-1-12, every month, you are suppose to be forth fruit...meaning every stage of your life, you must achieve your own level of success and not another person's own. May God grant us wisdom always in Jesus name and may we learn to improve on our previous records than looking at another man as making more progress. Note - that it is God that can truly determine who is making for another day. May God help us all in Jesus name amen.

Do you know- Jesus was focused? He faced His assignment on earth and was not distracted by what others were doing or saying. Read Matthew 11-1-18.

Prayer point - Ask God to help you understand your purpose and your path in life.
Pray for His help to run your race effectively and be focused in your assignment on earth
Pray for mercy in areas where you have compared yourself with others and ask God to help you succeed His way in Jesus name amen.

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