Thursday, July 21, 2011


It is almost the end of the month and indeed, God has proved Himself as God this month in my life and in the lives of those around me. To Him be all the glory always.

In writing today's post, i had to think through before deciding that this will change someone's life forever and make the difference in our reacting to situations. This post started with a dream, i had a couple of days ago, that someone i know shot and killed his wife, this was a strange dream as i did not think of the person before going to bed and neither did i have thoughts of the young man that recently murdered his banker wife in cold blood in Lagos Nigeria.

I woke up, prayed and cancelled the dream, but i was still wondering what manner of dream i had, only to receive a message about anger, some days later from one of my black berry groups, and after reading through, i decided to do a post, just to help us address this issue and live better lives.

Being angry has to do with our emotions, and it can be directed at someone or an event. Anger in itself is not bad, as a certain amount of anger is necessary for us to live our lives but where the problem is, is how the anger is expressed.

Often times, people get angry and react negatively as they feel they have been offended and in trying to retaliate, they end up doing things that they may later regret. To take an example from the bible, in Genesis 4 vs 5, Cain was angry with his brother Abel for presenting a more acceptable offering to the Lord and this anger made him kill Abel. Anger is the root of bitterness that can lead to killing/murder. Matthew 5 vs 21-22 has something to say in this regard.

We need to know the foundation of our anger, so we can deal with it as what makes us angry may be an indication to our purpose in life. When our anger is well channelled, it can be positively used to influence things around us but when it is negatively used, it can become a problem.

I had issues with anger before, and i will get upset over little things, normally i play a lot but when my expectations are not met, i get angry and may end up saying things to whoever is making me angry. It took a Pastor friend of mine to point out the weakness of Moses in the bible, for me to understand that anger can delay or cause us our destiny. Read Exodus 2 - 11-12 to Chapter 4, Exodus 32 and Numbers 20. This bible verses shows Moses exhibiting some level of anger which he paid for by not entering the promised land alive.

The bible in Proverbs 29 - 11 says a fool utters all its anger but a wise man holds it back and stills it. We have to learn to express our anger without sin as the bible says in Ephesians 4 - 26, that when angry, we should not sin and let the sun go down on our wrath. So our reaction to what is making us angry is very important, when we react negatively, we end up being controlled by what ever is the object of our anger but when we react positively, we stay in control and take charge of what is happening around us.

We must learn to address the issue of anger positively, so we do not end up as fools or end up doing something stupid that we will regret all our lives. Some quick tips for putting anger in its place are :

1. Address the issue and not the person - If the object of your anger is a person, you must address what the person has done to you there and not dig up what he or she has been doing in the past. This will help you put the anger in proper perspective. if the object of your anger is an event or a situation, be at your best to control it, i.e being caught in traffic, learn to leave your home early, so you dont go around cursing other motorist and exhibiting road rage.

2. Learn to think positive, if you have to count, count from 1-50, and excuse yourself politely from the situation letting the person know, you need time to cool off, so you do not make a fool of yourself by speaking rudely.

3. Read the word of God and pray. My two favorite scriptures to cure anger are 1 Corinthians 13 and 1 Peter 2-18-25 in The Message bible translation. This will help us know, we do not need to react to everything as even Jesus Christ with all that was done to Him, showed he was in charge. As we pray and learn to forgive daily. God will help us and make us better persons in Jesus name amen.

Do you know that a soft answer turneth away wrath but grievious words, stir up anger ? Proverbs 15 - 1

Prayer point - Ask God to help you express your anger positively.
Pray that He will give you grace to overcome all anger issue and be in charge of your reaction in Jesus name amen.

Action - Study these bible verses to help you deal with the issue of anger and how you can manage it:

Proverbs -14 - 29, Proverbs 15 - 18, Proverbs 16 vs 32, Proverbs 20 vs 22, Proverbs 22 - 24-25, Proverbs 28-13, 1 John 1 - 9, Romans 12 vs 19,21 and Ephesians 4 vs 25, 26, 27, 29 - 32. I await our testimonies.

Note - I still battle with anger from time to time and every day, i am getting better in taking charge of my situation, instead of suppressing my anger, i try to express it and i am careful with my choice of words. The truth is, i am not where i want to be as regards managing anger but i am not where i use to be Halleluyah!! lol

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