Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hello everyone, i trust we are all doing great. Happy Fathers day in arrears to the men here, i hope we had a great time with our loved ones.

Fathers day has come and gone but i will want to celebrate all the fathers here for being there for their families. In these days of absentee fathers, i am glad the men in this group (Next Generation of Fathers group on Facebook) are doing their best to be the Priest, King and role model in their homes, and may God help everyone of you to be just like Him..a father that is always there for us.

I tell most men that i have the previledge to talk with on fatherhood, that love to a child is spelt TIME, and not they go all out to make money and never have the time for their family. Fathers are made to be there to teach their children, to show love and model values that will be passed down from generation to generation...Thats what the Next Generation of Fathers group is all about..teach men to take their original place of being in charge and passing down the ultimate Father's blue print for mankind, from generation to generation.
You may not have had the previledge of your father being there for you but you can make the difference and be there to teach your children and be a blessing to them... How do you do this if you may ask me..Using three great men in my life as examples, let me share a couple of things that will take you from a good to great dad...( Note the three men are my dad, my late father-inlove and my dear husband).

1. Spend quality time with your children...My dad was a business man, but he always had time to take us out, watch network news with us..growing up, he would always come home in the afternoon, just to check how things are at dad would listen to us and helped us in his own little way to be better. He always told us where he was going to...even if he made a detour, but we could always say, per time he will be in his office, the sawmill or the club (Benin club or recreation club). I noticed this same quality in my late father-inlove and my husband). My husband will always tell me where he is per time, through phone calls, text messages etc. if he has to travel, he calls the children and tell them where he is going to and puts my first daughter in charge..telling her to help mummy and help her younger ones as well... This is key for every man..Do things with your children, communicate and let them know where you are per time.

2. Communicate value with your actions - My father inlove, my dad and my husband are three men i have seen going out of their way to help people...These three men have helped people with their words, money and time...they have blessed people with money to pay fees, rent and just provide solution when needed..this has been passed on to their children and we are passing it on as well. I have never seen any of my examples of great dad, despise any person, they mingle with the high and mighty and yet are still simple and humble.

3. They set standards in most things they do- My father will always tell us that he values his name and we must carry ourselves with respect and not get caught in anything shady things. Educating their children was and is key. Respect for self and others is key. Till date, all the different values have been passed on and is still being passed on...

Time will not permit me to write more but i believe we all get the picture i am trying to paint in our minds...we must live the kind of life that our family will miss us when we are gone and above all remember us for good...God bless and help us all.

Do you know - God saw Abraham as a father that will be pass on right values to his children. Check this out in Genesis 18 - 17-19.

Prayer Point - Ask God to make you a father like Him.

Action - Take stock of your fatherhood experience and see where you can make changes that will impact on your children and family positively. If you are not yet married, then you have time to learn the right way and God's way from now till you get married and become a father. God bless us all.

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