Friday, May 27, 2011


I have put off writing this post for about four days now as i had the perfect excuses not to write it...excuse number one, i needed to digest the message before i could write about it, excuse number two, i was too tired to write, excuse number three, i need to write with total concentration.. i had all kinds of excuses but at the end of the day, here i am writing the post and my question to anyone reading, is what is the excuse you have, for not doing what you are suppose to do? whats your excuse for not living the life, you have been dreaming of living? whats your excuse for not going to school? whats your excuse for not starting that business? Honestly we have all kinds of excuses that at the end of the day, we cheat ourselves and sometimes miss God's perfect will for us... God help us.

I am one person that procrastinates and have perfect excuses for not doing things i am suppose to do but these days, i have told myself, i must not have excuses and i must not tolerate them because procrastination is truly the thief of time...

Thinking about my challenge of procrastinating and giving excuses, i recently read through the bible and came across an account in Exodus Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 - 1-17, in those chapters, i saw a man called by God and after all God told Moses about Himself, Moses still had excuses to dodge the assignment God had for him..but thank God for God, He countered all his excuses and still sent him on the assignment..So whats the excuse you have that you are not where you are ?...Good question begging for an answer! lol

Women,always have excuses not to better themselves and most times, we use our families as the perfect excuse...i recently did a two months program from January through to March 2011. I had all the excuses in the world, not to do it; i asked myself how i will cope with managing myself, family and school work?, i had so many reasons why i thought i will not be able to do it and eventually, after battling with myself internally, i made up my mind that i will go for it and today as they say, the rest is history! lol

I wont say it was easy doing the program...I had some very good reasons not to do, was i had no money to pay my fees, two, was how do i cope with school runs for my children and myself, three, how do i balance my business and prayer meetings..all this were concerns but as i made up my mind to go through with it..God started showing Himself strong to perfect everything and today, i have some useful tips that will help anyone to live their best life per time if they can only cut off excuses!

My fire proof tips to cut off excuses are;

1. Ask yourself the questions that will make you stop giving excuses..will what you plan to do, improve your life? will it make you a better person ? if your answer to these questions are yes, then go for it!

2. Who can you share this vision with, that will encourage you or hold you accountable ? i had a dear friend too that had her own excuses, but we were able to hold ourselves accountable and we encouraged ourselves as we moved on...So you need a dream circle, people that will help you move forward and make your dream come to pass. I currently have an accountability partner that is on my case to make sure i post on my blog at least once a week..just because i do not want to give her excuses, i must do as we have agreed...i am not there yet but i am not where i use to be! lol. She also sees that i do all other things i need to put in place as per my business and ministry.

3.Just do it...eliminate my late mentor will say..i do not care how you get the result, just get it! ...Help yourself, do what you have to do and believe God for the result you want. These days, i do the things i dislike doing first, i tell myself, if i do the job, i will have all the time in the world to do other things i want to do and the way i work now, is to work as if i am going on vacation so all i need to achieve i must achieve quickly and well ..this helps me and finally i get the job done. Hurray!!! lol

4. Pray..This should actually be the first and last thing you do..commit your ways to God and He will direct your path..I pray more now, since i perceived that my procrastinating is not I spend time asking God to help me fulfill all He has purposed for me and i have seen him helping me day by day. I also have my Prayer team, that i call up to back me up when i have things to do and they have been a bundle of support.

5. Finally you need a destiny helper who maybe a concerned or a cranky spouse! husband will love me for this! hahahahahaha...I am a creative person and can come up with ideas at the turn of a hat..i can talk, and have done so many things with my mouth! lol but my dear husband is my opposite and he will always be there to tell me.."fantastic ideas but please write down one you will start and finish, and yes i can congratulate myself now, that i can start and finish a project..i still have some unfinished projects but i have started and finished a lot, and without my husband who supports and sometimes gets on my nerves, i am sure, i will not be where i am today..All thanks to my dear husband and destiny helper for this.

I truly hope this post will encourage someone to quit giving excuses and make that move...lose that weight, start that business, Go back to school, start that foundation, start that ministry, make that call, ask that girl to marry you...Just do what you have to do and move forward. I await your testimonies. God bless you for making that move!

Prayer Point - Ask God to help you, be like Him, as God is stable and there is no excuses with Him.

Pray for grace to be all God has destined you to be. Pray that He will send you helpers of destiny that will help you become the best you in Jesus name amen

Action - Read and meditate on Exodus Chapter 3 and 4, the book of Ruth, Esther and 2 Kings 7-3-16.


bayo F. said...

Beautiful write up madam. God bless u for this encouragement,it came to me at the appropriate time and has really fired me into action. Be blessed in return. amen

Bridget Elesin said...

@ Bayo F. thanks for your comment. God bless you always. I await your testimonies in Jesus name amen