Monday, May 23, 2011


The month of May is gradually drawing to a close but with it has come up some "character issues"...from prediction of the world ending on the 21st of May- which did not happen, to Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California revealing that he has a child with his family's employee and then the case of the International Monetary Fund Chief- Dominique Strauss Kahn being held for sexual assault charges..and you wonder what is happening with our male folks...

As i listened to the news, a man said he cried when he heard the IMF Chief's story as he was seen as a contender for the Presidency of his country but all that am sure is gone i read more, i found out this men have had issues in the past... but none that has come to this thought was with their families first; i could imagine the feeling of the wives and children of these men to all the unwanted public attention but for me the bigger picture is how to stop another man from fighting this battle with his sexuality and losing it... A lot of influential men and women have been brought down because of prayer is that God will help us all to deal with whatever sexual issues we have, so that we will not be brought to shame in Jesus name amen.

We must know that our sexuality is God's gift to us, we should not let the devil deceive us! We are all sexual beings but we must manage our sexuality or we get into trouble. A lot of destinies have been truncated through sexual sin! We must guide our heart and our bodies as well with all diligence. Here are some quick tips to help us

1.We must flee all appearances of evil. Men, my Pastor in Daystar Christian centre warns that you must beware of UFOs- Unclad female objects! Lol!

2. Get an accountability partner, your spouse should be your partner as a married person. So when thoughts come, you can get help and someone to pray for you and with you. Remember sin thrives in secrecy.

3. The bible admonishes that we must think on only things that are lovely and of good report. So when thoughts that will get us into trouble come, we must cast them out..the truth is the mind is very key when it comes to the issue of sex. So fill your mind with good thoughts.

4.We must take a stand for righteous living, its either we are a Joseph or a Samson. Genesis 39 vs 6-12 and Judges 16. Do not keep playing with not fuel a relationship that will get you into trouble, do not keep watching pornographic films or reading pornographic magazines. Stand for what is right always.

5. Read Proverbs 5 and get a biblical perspective to the whole issue of adultery. I will also advice you get other books that will help you like "Sex Straight Talk", a book by Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian center Lagos.

6. Seek Professional or Spiritual help, if you think the issues about your sexuality are issues you can not deal with alone.

Prayer Point - Ask God to help you deal with any sexual issues you are having. Ask Him for help to flee all appearances of evil like Joseph did.
Thank Him for making you a sexual being and ask Him to help you please him in your body, soul and spirit in Jesus name amen.


Franklyn said...

This is needed for the youth of today houmourously inspiring. I am blessed. This should circulate bbs, because blackberry messenger is another medium that fuels Unclad female Objects. God bless you please write more of this.

Anonymous said...

Welldone Bridget! Nice piece. Please direct many of our male folks to read this article.

Bridget Elesin said...

Thanks Franklyn and Anonymous for your encouraging comments. Its our duty to make sure many people see this post and benefit from it as well. God bless . Apologies for my late response.