Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Welcome to the month of June. I am so excited about this month because it's my wedding anniversary month. On the 14th of June, it will be precisely eight years that I said yes to a life of Purpose, Peace, Prosperity and Partnership, It's been eight beautiful years with my dear husband and Most favourite person in the world. God has been faithful to us as individuals and as a family, to Him be all glory for keeping us till now...I trust Him to help us live the lives He has purposed for us right from the foundation of the earth...

This post is not about my husband and I but what God is set to do this beautiful month of June. As I searched my spirit for what to post as my theme for the month, all I could hear was divine help and the scripture I got was one scripture, I would never have looked to for such a message but indeed God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

My text for this month is taken from Judges 16 vs 28, it talks about Samson, praying to God to remember him and strengthen him and above all to help him avenge the plucking of his eyes by the Philistines...as I read the scripture, what came to my mind is that God is set to remember us for good this month of June, He will remember the seeds we have sown in the past, He will remember the good deeds we have done just as he remembered Cornelius in Acts Chapter 10.

God is set to help us divinely and give us unusual answers to our prayers...this month, God will answer our prayers in such a way that people will be the ones sharing our testimonies, hallelujah! I truly see God breaking protocols to favour us, I see God remembering us as Joseph was remembered and brought out of prison to the palace. Genesis 41 vs 9 - 14, 37-46. I see God remembering some of us the way He remembered Racheal in Genesis 30 vs 22-24, He will remember some of us like He did Hannah in 1Samuel 1 vs 17-20...

God is set to make some people lose their sleep just to remember and help us like He did Mordecai in Esther 6... Hallelujah. This month is a month like no other if only we can align ourselves with God's plans for our lives. If you notice, all the people God remembered were desperate for a change and their actions by praying and crying out to God plus their good deeds provoked God's remembrance and help. This month, i ask that we should be desperate for the help we need and pray to God for divine remembrance ...I see God doing the unusual this month as we trust Him. Welcome to the month of June 2011, a month of remembrance and divine help

Do you know - Samson's cry for God to remember and strengthen him was for him to avenge his enemies? It was recorded that the people he killed at his death were more than those he killed while alive...this month, God shall avenge our enemies on our behalf as in Exodus 14 vs 13-31.

Prayer points - Ask God to help you to have a true relationship with Him as your Lord, Saviour and helper this month.

Pray that God will remember you for good this month of June and pray for unusual answers to your prayers , ask for specific testimonies in Jesus name amen.

Action- get into the word of God and read God's word on how He remembered others, pray that what He did for them will be made manifest in your life as well in Jesus name amen.

Congratulations to everyone celebrating this month, may the God of sudden help, send you help speedily this month in Jesus name amen

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omoba-adeteju! said...

thanks for giving out yourself to the Lord sis.

congrats in advance as regards your wedding anniversary..may you fulfill purpose as a couple.

I admire your personalty a great deal even though we have never met face to face...

Believing God for my miracles this month and i know that he will be my present help in times of need.

***hugs and kisses***