Saturday, May 14, 2011


Its mid month, how time flies. This month has flown by so fast that i can not believe i said just a couple of days ago..happy new month! now its happy mid month

As beautiful as the month started, with my mother's birthday on the 2nd of May, my younger sister's birthday on the 10th and a couple of my dear friends celebrating as well, i thought i was in for celebration galore all through, until i started getting stories of the death of young people here and there. As someone that prays, i find it very difficult to deal with issues of young people being wasted, especially when they never had the opportunity to commit to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

This month in its own way has brought me to the realisation that we all are like traders in a market square, we have all come to the market square of life to trade with what God has blessed us with, and like real traders in the market, as soon as we are done, we leave the market square, but my prayer is that we will all trade well with what we have been blessed with and when we get back to our maker, we will hear the words..Thou good and faithful servant, enter into my rest..Matthew 25-21-23

As we all know, in the market square, we find different kinds of people with different intentions. You find the good, the bad and the ugly with apologies to Clint Eastwood! lol. Some people may be there to buy, some to sell, some to play games, some to play pranks and con people, some to gossip plus slander and some to steal..those to steal may be like the devil in John 10 - 10a that has come to steal, kill and to destroy...

In order to avert the evil we find in the market square of life, there is need to protect ourselves by going back to the one that is our maker..the God that created us and was never created. the one that is Almighty, the God that exist by Himself! He is the one that knows what He has given us as talents to trade with in the market square and at the end of our stay here, he is the one that will reward our actions or inactions in the market square of life.

For those that know Him as their Lord and Saviour, He becomes their help, no matter how short or long they stay in the market square, He is their sure protector and like in John 10-10b...He has come to give life and to give it in abundance.

What are my anchor scriptures for the market square of life..? those that are close to me know i love reading from the book of Psalms and so my three favorite scriptures to live by in the Market square of life are Psalm 23, Psalm 91 and Psalm 121...

Psalm 23 talks about our relationship and intimacy with the one that sends us to the market square of life... when we know and acknowledge Him as our Shepherd...He provides, He gives rest, He leads , guides, protects, corrects, comforts, feeds, anoints, loves and gives us shelter...

In Psalm 91 - we feel His presence, we see His protective covering, we experience His peace, we see life with eternity in view, we enjoy provision and see His power at work.

In Psalm 121, we see His help, His protection and preservation till eternity...

These three scriptures have blessed me as i follow my path in life and in these days that are evil , i ask that we all know these Psalms and other scriptures that will enrich our lives and make them our daily confessions. My prayer is that at the end of our stay here.. indeed our lives will count as lives well spent to the glory of God and we will hear from Him, those lovely words... "Well done..thou good and faithful servant"...

Prayer Points - Ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart if you have never accepted Him as your Lord and personal Saviour.

Ask for His help to love Him, serve Him and live your Life for Him

Pray that His sure mercies amd favour will be your portion forever in Jesus name amen.

Action - Commit to spending time in prayers and asking God to reveal your purpose here on earth. Ask for His grace to fulfil your purpose and be a blessing to humanity in Jesus name amen.

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