Friday, April 22, 2011


I was led to go for a prayer meeting recently and was previledged to be introduced by the Minister in charge to lead a prayer seesion at the end of the meeting. When she started her introduction, she said i was a woman that God is using to do great work but i enjoy working behind the scene and that i tell the truth as it is...Wow, i was touched by her introduction and after the meeting, her introduction of my person kept ringing in my i thought of it, i remembered one of my Godmother and mentor telling me, that anytime she needs to hear the truth about issues, i am one person she talks to...humbling i must say.

I believe telling the truth is a virtue and with that description of my person, i have told myself i must work hard to keep that side of me. People are watching us to know if we can be trusted, and besides people watching..God is watching as well, to know if you and i can be trusted to be an instrument of His praise.

My question today is what has God endowed you with ? I believe we all have something God has endowed us with, some people have the gift of relating with people and making them feel loved at first meeting, some have the gift of networking and being able to keep friends for life, others have the gift of singing, teaching, organisation, some have the gift of speaking right words, some have the gift of being calm in the midst of chaos, while others have the gift of smiling and putting a smile on people's faces as well..My question again is what are you endowed with? what gift has God given you to bless the world with?

Someone reading this may say, i am not sure, God has endowed me with any gift/talent..i do not seem to have anything to offer my do i know what i have been endowed with ?

The simple way to know what you have is listening to what people say of your person...what do your friends say about you, what do your parents, siblings, spouse and other close friends say about your person?

Another way to know what you are endowed with is, what do you do effortlessly? what do you enjoy doing? what can you really say you are good at ?

What brings out the best in you? what brings out the worst? all these questions will help you know what you are endowed with and how you can use this to bless those around you.

I as a person have always loved reading, writing,and speaking, i never saw it as something that would bless anyone but today i know

As a person, i love listening to people and helping out when and where there is a, i get calls from friends and even strangers that wants me to help them out with issues or even introduce them to those that can help them..

I love praying and encouraging people; helping them to bring out the best in them as well as to see that they have something to offer their world. I know i have not fully tapped into what God has blessed me with but i know that every day as i use the gifts i am aware of, God uses this little gifts to do great things in the lives of Mr, Mrs, Young man, Young Lady, what are you endowed with?

Action - Pray and ask God to reveal what He has endowed you with, Pray that you will use this gift/talent to be a blessing to others in Jesus name amen.

Note - when you know what you are endowed with, your life becomes stress free as indeed stars do not struggle to shine...

Guess what ? a dear friend said she can not ask me serious questions about herself as i will not tell her the truth, since i never see wrong in people but their best...but when she needs a shot of "feel good quin" i am the person she calls on! Different stroke for different folks! hahahahahaha


pamela Evbota said...

Nice article. Like i will always say, when you know your life purpose, life become meaningful. It is my believe that our purpose (what we are endowed with) is wrapped in our dreams. follow that part and you will be home.

Isaac success said...

Great article...Like i always tell people that who you are will determine how far you'll fly.Self discovery the most important thing in life.
God bless you ma

Salt said...

I can honestly put my hand to my heart and say that BUT FOR YOU I would not be doing what I am doing now and loving it. I testify that it is super true that you like to work behind the scenes......But I know deep down in me that its only for a while. YOU ARE COMING OUT and like that song says, I am ready to wait for God's perfect reveal of you, Ms. Bardot!!! God bless you immensely......

Bridget Elesin said...

Thanks my dears - Pamela, Isaac and my SisterDivine...God will help us live the life He has called us to live in Jesus name amen. @ SisterDivine, amen in Jesus name...