Saturday, April 30, 2011


Happy month of May...This is one month i love and the main reason i love it is that some of my cherished mentors were born this month...these are people that have shaped my lives in their own way...My dear mum celebrates her birthday in May, my younger sister that is dear to my heart, celebrates her birthday this month, i have close family friends and loved ones celebrating this month and i must not fail to mention, my dear boss and mentor forever..though gone from earth physically..celebrates as a cloud of witness in heaven. This post is not about any of these people but about a dear friend that made me realise finally what i was born to be and born to do.

She may not know what she did for me that day but today i write this in her honour and celebrate God for bringing her my way. This dear friend that has been through so much challenges that will kill others or make them bitter, called me a couple of days back and said to me...Bri, as she calls me, someone was asking me, why is Bridget still your friend seeing you do not have what others have and are not where you should be..why is she still standing by you when others have left you...i cried as she spoke and i am still crying as i type...

My answer...Dear, you are my testimony! i do not see where you are now but i see the glorious future God has for you..i want to be at your wedding, celebrate when you have your children and be happy when all God has destined for you come to pass...sister, where will be my testimony if i leave you half way through...what will i tell God..if i dont stand through with you till the end..know this..i will give God no rest until you are made a praise! the line went off and i sent her a message and ended up with isaiah 40 vs 31...

After the call, i entered my bathroom, crying and asking God questions...Lord when will you answer her and many others, when will this waiting be over? when will you prove yourself as God...and then the big question..why me? lol..why do you bring people my way that are in need...why must i be the person they will reach out to when they need many questions...

I ended up thinking of so many people i have stood by and at the end..they failed me, so many that have come to just "collect" without giving anything back , so many that feel, they have used "me" and "dumped" with nothing to show .. as i kept thinking..i thought of so many people that have brightened my day with their smiles, hugs and words of many that believe in me, more than i believe in myself, so many that i have enjoyed their friendship for so many years that i forget they are not my biological many like my dear friend that will be the one to remember to call when its my children's birthday and mine..she will call to ask how i am, she will call to ask if i have been going to church..and so many other things that make her unique and has made me to stay by her through thick and thin...she may not know this...because she is not into computer and all the social network stuff...but i pray someone here reads this and figure she is the one i am talking about and tell her that she has helped me to know that indeed..i was born to be a relationship person..i was born for relationship... i am a people's Jesus, i must go where others are hurting, blind, lame, rich, literate or illitrate..i must reach them and let them know...i may be the only "Jesus" they may ever see... i want to see people and affect them for good...i want to add to what others have and multiply the good in them..i do not want to be among those that will come to subtract or divide their lives..I want to be a friend that will nurture the strength in others instead of their weaknesses.. I am not there yet but thank God for Jesus Christ and people like my dear friend...I have found my purpose...My resolve? like Him , i will go about doing good this month of May and all the days of my life...Acts 10 vs 38. God bless you dear friend and sister for giving me my own "Aha"

Prayer - God use me for your glory and help me to be the woman you want me to be, not what i want to be but the woman "You" Lord want me to be and above all, bless my dear friend and so many like her..make her a praise and let all flesh know you are our God. Make us living proofs and testimonies in Jesus name amen.

Action - There is more to your life than you! learn to bless others, love people for who they are, not what you can get from them..Learn to appreciate others, appreciate their differences and what makes them who they are.. God help us all.

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