Thursday, April 14, 2011

Decision making and change

Its mid month already, how times flies. Today i will be talking about Decision making and change. Everyone is a product of the decision they have made or not made. The change we all want is always a decision away.

To change your status from single to married, you must decide on who to say yes to as a woman and as a man you must decide who to ask to marry as this important decision will make or mar you. This also applies to the decision you make as regards your job, where you decide to live and the friends you keep.

You make a decision based on the information you have; i.e in who to choose as a life partner, you must have information as to his person, family background, his life goals and purpose, all this information you have will help you take a decision that will either change your status to a married person or make you remain single.

Sometimes, Ladies especially, will ask for time to think, but the truth is time will never create the change you expect, you still have to make that decision. its this decision that will create change.

In choosing your friends, you must decide the kind of people you want around you, you must ask yourself questions that will make you decide which amongst your friends will be your inner circle, just like Jesus Christ...he had twelve disciples and amongst the twelve, he had three that were his inner circle friends and then one, that was called his beloved. You must learn to make decisions as to who you give access to you. If you want to be wealthy- in thoughts,finance etc, the friends you keep will determine this. I make friends easily and i see myself as a relationship person and so i keep my friends...but i have found out sadly that some of these friends do not have same values and so, i have naturally kept away from them and some have stayed away from me as well but the beauty of it all, is that some people enter your life for a reason, some for a season and others forever, so its a win-win situation! lol

In the case of a job you desire, you also need to decide where you want to work and who you want to work with, if as a person you can not stand having children around you, it will be a bad decision to go and take a job as a kindergarten teacher, except if you see it as a therapy to cure you of your dislike of children! lol

if you are in a job, you hate with a passion and you keep telling yourself you desire a change, that change will not come except you decide on what to do to love the job if you want to remain there or you make a decision and call it quit! Fire your boss before he fires you! lol.

To create the change you want, you must make a decision as what you endure will continue, if you dont take that decision!
Know this;the decision you take will determine your destiny. May God help us all to take decisions that will indeed bring change in every aspect of our lives.

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