Monday, February 28, 2011


Is praying your first or last resort? People would rather talk to man than talk to God, their maker! The bible says men ought to pray and not to faint. Luke 18 vs 1. Prayer is an investment for you and those you are praying for.

I was brought up by a Praying mother, my mum taught me how to talk to God first before talking to man! I call myself a prayer because I have seen God move on my behalf and others when I pray.. For me, prayer is my first and last resort.. Even Jesus while on earth, was a prayer, before his ministry started he prayed, while he went about ministry, he prayed and taught his disciples how to pray as well. We must get to the level of making scripture praying a life style. We must invest in ourselves, and family and pray without ceasing.. Even when we do not see immediate answers to prayers, keep praying until you see answers to your prayer. Through prayers, people have been saved, healed, restored and blessed! It won't cost you anything to pray rather you will blessed as you pray. Let's making praying a lifestyle and see what God will do with our lives and the lives of our loved ones and even enemies.

Prayers help you depend on God.. Am not advocating that you pray and take no action! Some of us Christians will pray, and will not back our prayers with required actions. If for example, you are praying and believing God for a child,as a married woman or man, you will pray as well as get intimate with your spouse, in due season, God will answer, as He has said there will be no barren in the land, but when all you do is pray and no love/ intimacy.. How will the baby come? Let's pray and trust God to direct us. Let me share a testimony here.. To some people the issue may be trivial but to me, it was a big deal and that's how God is interested in everything we pray about!
I noticed that my house had become a den for mosquitoes and rats, I had called in a fumigation expert, he did the fumigation twice, we had respite from the mosquitoes yet I had the uninvited rats as guests, they were all over the house and I was becoming traumatised by their presence, I tried buying rat gums, they will walk through and go off, laughing at me! Lol.
I bought rat poison, it was like a snack, nothing happened! It got to a point that I started praying and planning as well, we made some changes, changed the nets in the house and was planning to change the doors as well to block any entrance point into the house, we cleaned out the store where we noticed the rats convene to traumatize us.. All our efforts, yielded little or no results. I just kept praying, anytime I see them around.. And one day bam! My nanny bought a rat killer from the market, took fish, mixed it with it and dropped it around!
The next day, we saw 3 dead rats in the kitchen, thinking, that was all, we checked and saw 7 more. We were happy. My husband who had gone out came back and insisted we clean up the kitchen again, reluctantly, I went with him to the kitchen and we started bringing out stuff, boy! It was an invasion, everywhere we looked, we saw dead or partially dead rats, big&small. We got over 25 rats that day, it was a day of freedom for us.. My animal loving daughter Davina said the rats were cute and wanted to touch them! A stern warning from her dad kept her in check! Hahahaha.

It was hard work cleaning up but today I can walk round my house without seeing a rat! And my joy in all this, is that I saved money by not calling the fumigation man that would have charged me about ten to twenty thousand naira to fumigate,one hundred naira, was all my nanny spent in buying the rat poison and we have nicknamed her the rat ex terminator!Hahaha.
My point is, if God can answer a prayer about rats, then He will answer our prayers as we pray for our spouses and relatives that are not saved, He will answer our prayers concerning misbehaving children, lack of finance, ill health or any thing we choose to pray about. Let's pray NOW!


omoba-adeteju! said...

Nice Article sis, very inspiring...
Thanks for sharing
This is an aspect that I have been asking for more grace from God for
I know for sure that prayer works but I have challenges in becoming a "PRAYER"

omoba-adeteju! said...
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