Monday, January 3, 2011

Year 2011 - Your year of favour , mercy and divine change

I welcome us all to a year of favour, mercy and divine change, this year is a year like no other, year 2011 is indeed a year where our success will be determined by our walk with God. What God laid in my spirit this year is the theme above with Genesis 6 as my anchor scripture, God laid before me the story of Noah and what He achieved with Noah as a result of his righteous and blameless walk with God. Noah found grace before God and so was spared the destruction that came upon the earth.

This year, there will be divine judgement but it's only by His mercy that we will escape it. God wants us to walk faithfully with Him to avoid the judgement that will come. This is not the year for spiritual slackers, God will not tolerate those that are suppose to be spiritual giants and will still want to remain as spiritual babes. God wants to show His raw power this year but He wants men and women that will walk with Him closely and run with His words.

This is a year that we must move to the beat of the spirit, this year is not business as usual as God is set to do the supernatural in our lives, divine change is our portion, God will break barriers for our sakes, there will be supernatural manifestations; the kind that will make us wake up overnight in the palace like Joseph, the one that will make us change address from slaves to rulers like Daniel. We must be ready this year....God is set to do new things, are you ready for Him ?

Do you know - Noah found grace in the eyes of God according to Genesis 6 vs 8 ? This grace means favour and this made God to start a new earth with Noah and his family as the ones in charge of everything on!!! Hallelujah.

Prayer points - Ask God to help you to be faithful to Him this year, pray for God to release an unusual grace and favour upon your life in Jesus name amen.

Action point- Read Genesis chapters 6 , 7 and 8.
kindly write your goals for this year as God believes in planning  and goal setting, Habakkuk 2- 2-3 confirms this. Start this year well, if you are not born again, your primary goal should be to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour, it's simple, just believe that Christ came to die for you, accept this truth and confess Him as you Lord and personal saviour, invite Him into your heart as the owner of your life, ask that indeed you will be a new creature by His spirit and all old things shall pass away in your life in Jesus name amen. Congratulations to you, if you said that prayer, you are now a child of God

Once again welcome to year 2011, your best year ever.

Congratulations to all those celebrating this month, may God bless you all richly and show you all His love plus His mercy in Jesus name amen


Salt said...

Personally, I believe your note is just for me and me alone! Lol! I sense the very same things in my heart. This year I MUST not be a spiritual slacker. I must at least move to be a toddler and stop being a baby in the Lord. I must walk closer to God than ever before. I MUST BE READY for what God is about to do in my life. Indeed Bridget! Indeed, THIS year is one of favour, mercy and divine change! Indeed! God bless you and continue to speak through you. I know you are going somewhere cos you water so much, there is NO way you will not be watered yourself. No, my God does not work that way. Mwaah!

Salt said...

You are spot on Ms. Bardot! So very right. I feel it in my bones. Every single word you have spoken is just Gbam! May we all be ready... I know I want to be.....Thanks for this my dia and I know you are going somehere too cos you water so many. I know God is surely set to move you on higher.....just carry us all along! Lol! Mwaah!

Bridget Elesin said...

Amen dear SisterDivine...God is on His throne and working behind the scene to make me show forth His praise always. Thanks for being there always. may God reward you for me in Jesus name amen.