Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hello everyone, i am so excited to be typing this December again, how time flies... Its a season to be thankful..trala..lala..lalalala.
I want to appreciate God for all our lives, for seeing us through the beginning of the year to the end of the year, indeed God is worthy to be praised alone.

This is our month of TAP; a month of thanksgiving and praise to God, i want to thank Him specially on behalf of everyone here, for keeping us alive till now, for loading us daily with benefits of all kinds..God has indeed been good to us.

My request is that everyone should give God thanks and praises all through this month of December, no matter where you are now in your life, that you are alive shows that God is not through with you and He will do exceedingly and above all you can ever think or ask. Our resolve this month should be to give God thanks for being so faithful even when we were unfaithful...

Lets use thanks and praises to open the heaven over us, lets join the twenty-four elders in heaven to sing praises and bow down to the Kings of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Unchanging changer, the Ever faithful God, the immortal, invincible and only wise God,the one that created and was never created, the God that is beautiful for all situation, the God that is Alpha and Omega, the one that has the heaven as His throne and the earth as His footstool; the one i call "daddy long leg", the God that is the rock of ages, the ancient of days, the one that can bring water out of a rock, the one that is a miracle working God, the God that knows the end from the beginning, that speaks and His words stands as the truth forever, the God that is Holy, full of mercy and compassion, the I am that i am, our way maker...

Lets thank and praise this God for all He has done and is still doing in our lives...This is not the month to pray and ask for things but its a month to praise and thank Him for who and what He is in our lives. Lets appreciate God for the gift of salvation, lets appreciate Him for keeping us sane, lets appreciate Him for so much that He has done and i believe as we do so, we will see Him move on our behalf...

Do you know - Th children of Israel in 2 Chronicles 20 : 1 - 30 got delivered from their enemies because they sang praises to God ?

Paul and Silas sang praises to God despite being in prison and God opened the prison doors? Acts 16 - 25-26,

Its time for your own walls of Jericho to fall down as you shout unto the Lord just as in Joshua 6 - 20.

Prayer Point - Ask God to give you a heart of praise like David in the bible.
Thank God for all He has done for you from January till now.

Action - Read Psalm 100, Psalm 103 - 1-5, Psalm 105 -1-5, Psalm 107 -1-9, Psalm 119-62, Revelation 7 - 10-17

I prophesy that this month will be our best month ever, just as the water that became wine in John 2- 1-10b, the best of our testimonies will be heard now in Jesus name amen.

Happy celebrations to all those celebrating this month, may God bless you all and pour His abundant blessings upon you

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