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Happy new month of November, its our month of God showing Himself as God in our lives and situation. Read and meditate on Isaiah 25. This is not my monthly message but i had to share this from Zig Ziglar's newsletter i subscribe to. Seeing this mail, made me know why i am doing what i do with Next Generation of Fathers on Facebook..Fathers are important and we must build the fathers that build the Nation, God's style..its a mandate i am committed to and i sincerely ask God for His help to reach out to men, in such a way that they will become the Priests of their homes, mentors, teachers,rolemodels and all that God has created them to be. God will remember us all this season in Jesus name amen.

Hugging Reduces Crime
By Zig Ziglar

A few weeks back, I wrote about the importance of fathers hugging their daughters and got several comments about that concept.

This week, I want to discuss fathers and sons. The father-son relationship is one of the most important relationships on earth. When it breaks down, the consequences are severe for both people involved and society at large. Bill Glass, former All-Pro end for the Cleveland Browns, has been in over 350 prisons on crusades. He has conducted several thousand one-on-one interviews with inmates, roughly 90% of whom are male. Bill says that 100% of the men with whom he has talked literally hate their fathers. This hatred is taken out in the form of crime and violence against society. The price is high.
Bill points out that in the prison population there is one disproportionately small, and I do mean minute, group – Jews. But why? Is there something Jewish fathers do that others don’t which makes the difference? If there is, could all fathers employ their methods with similar results? The answer to the second question, in my opinion, is yes. Since the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Jewish fathers have done these three things with their sons, whether the son was two years old or fifty years old. The Jewish father repeatedly says, “Bless you, my son. I love you, Son,” and then the father gives the boy a big, warm hug.

It sounds so simple, too simple. Imagine if, all across America, fathers reached out and hugged their sons and told them they loved them. Imagine it happening day after day. What a difference it could make!

I shared this information in a public seminar in Little Rock, Arkansas, and a prison official in attendance later told me, “We have roughly 7,500 people incarcerated in the State of Arkansas and only seven of them are Jews.” Rabbi Daniel Lapin told me that he did not know the percentages for the State of California but he felt they would be similar. Certainly the results are so spectacular that it’s worth a try for all of us, isn’t it? Think about it and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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