Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hello all, i trust we are all doing great. I have missed being here, and thank God i can send my messages again..

How have we all been, i trust God has been faithful, my prayer is that He will continue to be faithful to us even when we are faithless in Jesus name amen.

As its my custom, I always pray and ask God for a word for the month, something like a theme that i will stand on to pray through the month. As the month of October approached, i was searching my heart and the scriptures for a sure word for October, but i did not get any word until i was in a church service and my eyes caught an unusual scripture, as i read through, it was like a light bulb experience and i knew, that was the word God wanted me to stand on and share with others for October 2010.

The text for this month can be found in 1 Chronicles 12 vs 18b and 22. Here we see that David got human and divine help. He got help daily..this is my prayer for us all, that this month, we will get help daily and God will also help our helpers.

This last three month will be for us like Obed-edom in 1 Chronicles 13 - 14, it will be the best three months of this year as we trust and believe God and His words, God will turn every trial, examination, suffering, temptation, insults, mockery, obvious shame, neglect, yolk of backwardness, delay and stagnation, to a testimony as in Luke 21 vs 13 in Jesus name amen.

Lets all continue to take God at His words and believe those He has placed around to speak to our destinies. God help us all.

Do you know - that 1 Chronicles 20 vs 20b says if we believe in the Lord our God, we shall be established and if we believe His prophets, so shall we prosper ?...

Our help and success this month is in God, so enjoy reading His words and continue to speak those words to your life and situations.I await your testimonies in Jesus name amen.

Congratulations to all those celebrating their anniversaries, birthdays etc this month, may God prosper you all in Jesus name amen.

Testimony - I got a wonderful message that gladdened my heart a couple of days back, a dear sister shared on how she read the message for September, and the prayer on recovering all on this blog and indeed, God restored all she had lost including bringing a dear brother her way..she is altar bound and i am so happy that the word of God works are next in line for a miracle in Jesus name amen.

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