Monday, September 6, 2010


Happy new month, to everyone of us. Welcome to your month of birthing of new things. As we are aware, its the 9th month of the year and we know that for a woman, the 9th month of a pregnancy means its time for delivery .. This 9th month, we shall deliver our dreams and visions alive in Jesus name amen.

As i was praying about the theme for the month, what i got was a month of possessing our possessions and pleasant surprises. The scriptures for the month are Psalm 16 vs 6 and Isaiah 61 vs 7. I was in a meeting after getting this and my Pastor said same thing and added that its our month of Congratulations...So i declare to you that this shall be a month of expansion without limit for us all, its our month of sowing and reaping, its our month of Rehoboth according to Genesis 26 vs 22.

This month to get the full benefit of what God has in store, we must seek Him with all our hearts, He must be top priority in our lives and as we do so, all that we need will be provided for us as the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. Have a fruitful month and congratulations as God will remember you for good this September.

Do you know - Isaac was blessed because he obeyed the Lord ? Read Genesis 26 - 1-33. May God bless us beyond our imaginations this season.

Prayer points - Pray and thank God for making you see this 9th month, thank Him for your family , loved ones and business.

Pray using the scriptures above that God will expand you and help you possess double portion in all you do.

Pray that all you have lost the past months will be restored in Jesus name amen.

Pray and draw the blood line over your family and all that concerns you, this "ember months" will favor you, no evil news and report will come near you in Jesus name. Read Psalm 91 and declare the words over you and your family.

Action- This month must be a month of getting closer to God, read your bible and pray everyday. Ask God to show you great and mighty things this month. Jeremiah 33 vs 3.

Congratulations to everyone celebrating this month, may God bless you all greatly in Jesus name amen.

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