Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello everyone, i trust we have been doing great..I bless God for all our lives; that we can read this means God has been faithful in keeping us alive.

For me, its been a month of mixed feelings..i have had days of joy and days of sorrow..some days ago, i heard of the death of a dear sister, i was still pained and asking God why ?, only for me to get a call that a dear friend and prayer partner's husband just passed on..

August 20th was a painful day for me...i still can not believe my dear neighbor is gone at age 39 with just a few days to his seven years wedding anniversary, leaving behind a beautiful wife and two lovely children...I was at his funeral on the 27th of August and i listened to all that was said about him...He was a good man, a supportive brother and friend, a great husband and father, he was slow to anger..words flowed as well as tears..and all i could say was thank God he was truly born again, he served God and humanity...and is now one of the cloud of witnesses above. Hallelujah!

My big question today is what do we need to do to live better lives with eternity in view ?..for most of us, its to get born again, for some its to rededicate our lives and stop playing church, for some its to take our commitment to our spouses to another level, others, be a better child to our parents and be better people...

As we say goodbye to the month of August..i pray that God will answer our prayers and make us better people, prepared always and doing things with eternity in view. God help us all.

Do you know - The bible says in all things we should give thanks to God..1 Thessalonians 5:18

Prayer points- Ask God to create in you a clean heart and renew a right spirit within you.

Ask for the grace to praise God in all situations.

Pray that God will keep you and yours according to Psalm 91

Pray for all those going through tough times..those that lost their jobs, lost their dear ones, those sick in the hospital etc..

Pray that God will do special miracles in all our lives and that the blessings of this month must be our portion as the month ends.

Action - Read Psalm 116 and pray with the words there as God ministers to you. God bless us all always.

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Desperate Naija Woman said...

I have been on such a high since I got back from my sister's wedding but somehow abut a day and half ago i began to feel my Pure Bliss slipping.......a death here, another financial-lack related family problem, the ever looming reality of me going back to work.....all of it began to slowly eat away at my pleace so I sort of 'feel' your blog Ms. B. But I witnessed something today, evidence of God's continued divine protection over his own...and bam! My mood lifted...I realised that the most important thing is to be alive. And to be grateful to God for that. It really is true, your attitude does determine your altitude....and as we go over into September, if we can remain in an attitude of praise and thanksgiving.....all will STILL be well with us..... God continue to use you and bless you and yours!