Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hello everyone, i trust we are all doing great. God has indeed been faithful to me, He has proven to me that He is a prayer answering God. I have experienced His faithfulness and goodness in so many ways and all i can say is "Thank You Lord". If He has been good to you, kindly share your testimony and encourage others.

There is a scripture i love so much, its Psalm 2 vs 1 - 4, vs 4a talks about God sitting in heaven and laughing..anytime i see this passage i get excited knowing that God laughs! In this passage He laughs at the enemies on our behalf. I bet Satan as usual has tried so many gimmicks in trying to discourage us, when we get frustrated he laughs, but when we know that we are the ones to be laughing at him, he runs away..This season i want us to take time to laugh at the pranks of the devil, he is a defeated fool and will remain so. We are overcomers by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony, Revelation 12 vs 11a. Do not let the devil have the upper hand..laugh at him and see him scamper away like the defeated fool that he is.

Do you know: That God has invested too much in you to watch your life go to waste? if He could send His son to die for you, you are worth every drop of blood that Jesus Christ shared on the cross.Galatians 3 - 13. Galatians 4 - 4 -7.

Prayer point - Pray that your life and that of your family will not be wasted in Jesus name amen.(Your anchor scripture is Psalm 91)
Pray that every accusation from the pit of hell against you and your family. be silenced right now in Jesus name amen.(Your anchor scripture is Psalm 64)
Pray that your joy shall be full and you will not be discouraged, instead like David in 1 Samuel 30 vs 6b, you will encourage yourself and recover all the devil has taken from you(Read 1 Samuel 30 vs 8, 18 and 19).

God bless us all and may His face continue to shine upon us all in Jesus name amen."

Note - Take out time and visit my laughter blog..its
I started this blog as i heard God say to me "Bridget Elesin laughs just as God laughs and He gave me the scripture Psalm 2. I have studied it and also got confirmation that indeed God laughs! Its your turn to laugh!

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