Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello all, i trust that we all had a great week. May God bless this new week and cause His face to shine upon us all.

I have been meaning to send a message for us to pray and wait on God by fasting for at least three days this week, just to set ourselves up for the glorious things God has set to bless us with this second half of the month... I was still thinking about it when i had a dream this night and in it, i saw three people that are all living abroad, i can not share the details here but i know its time to pray and the main prayer point is to pray against delay...every form of delay of our breakthroughs and miracles must be dealt with now... I do not know how many of you are trusting God for things in your marriage, in your workplace, ministry etc and it seems the things are not forth coming despite your prayers/fast..right now, you are beginning to believe God has gone on vacation and left you to suffer..My dear, i am here to announce to you that God has answered you and you must not give up until you receive that miracle...and its now! as God is set to bring restoration and rest to you. Give it one more shot..Pray and Praise God, He is able.

Do you know - Daniel prayed in the book of Daniel but his prayers got delayed by the prince of Persia in Daniel 10-13. Kindly read the whole book of Daniel and see how God was with Daniel and saw him through all he went through. Know this, you are not alone, God is still alive to hasten His words to perform in your life.

Prayer point - Ask God for His mercy and His grace even at this time. Ask Him to fulfill all He has said concerning you, pray against every form of delay..even the bible says hope deferred makes the heart sick..Tell God that your expectations shall not be cut off in Jesus name amen.

Note - We must take time this week to study and pray for ourselves and family. The devil is going about as a roaring lion but God is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, God is the one in charge of your life and so He has the final say.

Remember the shadow of a dog can not bite..call the devil's bluff and trust God for your miracle.God is able, faithful and dependable. God bless us all.

Congratulations to everyone celebrating this month. May God smile on you all now and forever.

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