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This is the concluding part of the note - " A HUSBAND FROM THE BIBLE - GETTING ENGAGED GOD'S WAY BY JOYCE ADEDAYO ADAMS. Happy reading and please kindly leave your comments.

The first man we will examine is Joseph, Mary’s husband – Joseph who the bible calls a just man. In those days in Israel, under the Mosaic Law, if a girl was found pregnant and was not married, she will be stoned to death and her family will be shamed. So when Joseph found out Mary was pregnant, he was supposed to run screaming to the priests. But he just decided within himself to break off their engagement quietly so no one would find out. As he was contemplating the best way he would do this, God’s angel spoke to Him in a dream. Joseph obeyed God and offered love and kindness to Mary without thinking twice! He proved to be a man of men, strong and dependable. He stood as a father, brother, caregiver and a husband for both Mary and her unborn child.

Looking at Joseph with new eyes, I have a witness in my spirit that every single woman who has an issue she wants/ needs covering for should have Joseph listed at the very top of her list not a TDRH. Every woman who has a past, or an issue and needs a husband-defender, you better get on your knees and ask God for a Joseph. Because Joseph will listen to God’s voice and protect you. Joseph will stay with you and help deliver Jesus who he did not father. Joseph will wait till you have fulfilled God’s will (giving birth to Jesus) before asking for his own needs to be met (Oh I feel the Holy Spirit moving on my finger-tips as I type!!) Your prayer night and day should be Lord, like you found Joseph for Mary, who stood by her and protected her from untimely death and covered her up, I ask and trust that you will also provide a Joseph for me as well. Joseph is kind, gentle; strong and dependable. He is a provider and he is matured to a very high degree. Joseph has got a very healthy dose of self-control. According to bible history, he did not touch Mary sexually until she had weaned Jesus. Now is that a husband material or what! Tell me something I don’t know sisters.

Next is Abraham, faithful Abraham, God’s friend. You know if Sarah had not offered Hagar to him, he most probably would never have impregnated another woman! And he had every means and every opportunity to. He was very wealthy. He could have any woman he wanted. But he practically worshipped the ground on which Sarah walked on, barren or not. When Sarah says jump, he says how high? (Lol!) Sarah says sleep with Hagar, he did. Sarah says Hagar insulted me, Abraham says “slap the insolence out of her (hahahahaha!!)”. This is Hagar who is pregnant with the child he has been waiting for all his life, yet because SARAH was not happy, he told her to treat Hagar anyway she wanted. The bible says he told Sarah – she is your maid, not my wife! Sarah says banish Hagar and her son, at first, he hesitated, then Sarah got God to back her up, he did! He just loved Sarah to bits. Abraham is rock solid faithful, dependable and wait for it is coming, he is TALL DARK RICH AND HANDSOME (TDRH). He had every opportunity to forsake Sarah, especially after fathering Ishmael but he didn’t. He was stuck to her like everlasting super-glue. Oh.. are you still sitting reading this? You have not yet hit the floor and call forth your Abraham wherever he is? You know, most women don’t like their husbands talking with other women. But there are some women who can’t even stand the thought of their husbands being with someone else except them. Don’t worry. God feels you. He will provide you with your very own Abraham who will love you more than anything. Abraham will look at your ninety-year old body and still call you his sweet sixteen. (Ok ..some theology here now...I believe when God changed their Abraham and Sarah's names, their bodies also metamorphosed into younger bodies. The thought of a 100 yr-old man and a 90 yr-old woman making love is simply eeeeeeeuuuwwww!!)

And now, for my favourite husband in the bible, Boaz. The bible says Boaz is a mighty man of wealth..hmm..we like..another Tall, Dark, Rich and Handsome! What I love about this marriage is how God orchestrated their meeting and brought them together. In the first place, it would have been very awkward for Boaz, who is a very wealthy man, a man of stature and repute in the city to propose to a Moabite widow girl who just came into town (You know the Israelites can be very snobbish about preserving their culture and heritage! Mixed marriages were severely frowned upon). So now, Ruth went scavenging for food (Oh yes..Boaz found her hard at work, bent down in the most undignified position ever, picking up droppings of food from his field. He didn’t see her in a designer suit and heels, make-up all done, everything in place. He found her practically begging for food and from that minute, the Spirit of God started moving. God showed me a sneak preview of what happened here. Do you remember how Adam started blessing Eve the moment he set eyes on her? Come on now! That was exactly what happened when Boaz set his eyes on Ruth. If you read from Ruth 2: 8-13, oh..the guy prayed and blessed Ruth as if he was the chief priest himself! Secondly, Boaz happened to be a kinsman to Elimelech, so by law, he is actually doing a good deed and preserving the seed of the dead by marrying Ruth. End of story!

The story of Boaz and Ruth has a very important significance especially for women who have moved to trust God in one way or the other. By so doing, they honoured God and God will surely move and honour them in a biggest way possible! Ruth trusted in a God that seemed to have abandoned her mother-in-law. She left her familiar surroundings and followed her mother-in-law to unfamiliar terrain. The minute she told her mother-in-law in Ruth1: 16 – 17 “ Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God: Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the LORD do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part thee and me"; God was stirred up and He went ahead of her and prepared a place for her in Boaz’s home. All she went out to look for was food for herself and her mother-in-law. She came back married to probably the wealthiest man in town! (OK didn’t exactly happen that fast, but you get my drift!).

So dear sister, whip out your bible and go looking for a husband between those pages. Who says you can’t find a husband in the bible? Every book of the bible must have one. If you want a King, pick your choice from David, Solomon, King Ahasuerus (Esther’s husband). If you want a wise man, you can have your pick from King Solomon, Daniel, Paul, Abraham, Jacob. If you want a father, brother, friend and husband all-in-one, pick Joseph. If you want your husband to pant after your love, pick from Abraham and Jacob. If you want a strong man, Joshua and Caleb. The list is exhaustive. You can make it as long as you want. Start from Genesis down to Revelations. Ask the Holy Spirit to help as you search the scriptures regarding this very important part of your life.

And remember, we are not to go out looking for him ourselves physically. Our duty here is search the scriptures diligently, make a list, tender it before God and leave the rest up to Him. He will position us in such a way that it will be a perfect work. Look at what He did for goodness! She wasn’t dressed to impress or anything, she was just going about her own business, looking for what to eat.

This is a very resourceful tool/exercise for women’s bible study groups, women’s cell groups etc. Please feel very free to share and pass along. Freely have we received, freely give.

I would love to hear from you! Please send me your comments and whatever lists you came up with for what man in the bible so I can add to my research. Email address is:

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