Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hello everyone, how have we all been, especially the women in the house...with the world cup i am sure most of us that are married or in a committed relationship will feel neglected by our men..what, with the world cup and all the jabulani balls and vuvuzela horns! lol

For me, its been a time to relive my childhood. My dad was and is still a football fan unlike my dear husband who just watches any match when he sees a match going on..i am silently happy that my husband is not a football fan like my dad but a bit sad that i can not share those precious moments all fans share with their co- fans! lol

Being the first child with two boys immediately after me, i grew up doing all the boys stuff and watching matches, i use to wait up to watch live matches that were fixed late at night, i knew almost all the names of the Nigerians plus International footballers and the various clubs they were playing for, i used to buy Complete football magazine without thinking twice about the price and could hold any conversation with guys on football and other sports.

I saw then my dad and his friends take pain killers for a match they will not be paid for...this is so hilarious, they have headaches when their clubs are losing and sometimes end up taking Panadol, ( a brand of pain relief medicine found in Nigeria)...with me faithfully serving them water and the panadol with an inner smile of ...why are you taking pain killer for another person's headache? lol..

My intense love for football and other sports came to an end when we had the USA 94 match and Nigeria was beaten by Italy, ...boy, i cried my eyes out and refused to participate in our family devotion that evening, saying God was wicked to have allowed Nigeria to lose the match. I went to sleep angry and the next day, i woke up with my mum asking me what business i had with the footballers that made me to miss our family devotion..i cannot remember the answer i gave her but i was consoled when my dad's friend came to the house later and said it was a good thing the Italians won as they would have slaughtered all Nigerians in Italy! hahahahaha and guess what ? i believed him and was saying thank God for that! how naive i was to believe such a story!lol

Well the reason for sharing this, is that the world cup should not be our number one priority this next three weeks, especially when we are not known sponsors that have business to do with FIFA and the world cup! lol. Remember your fellowship with God and your family is very important. Enjoy the world cup and enjoy your fellowship with those that matter most in your life.

Note - Ladies, use this time to bond with your husband by getting involved with what is happening with the teams at the world cup, you will enjoy your husband's company as well as get to celebrate later when his team wins! wink , wink! lol, if they lose, you can still comfort them lovingly! hahahahaha

Do you know - Romans 8- 35a, says who shall separate us from the love of Christ ? verse 8-39b "says not any other thing created shall separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord". ( How some verses of the scripture make sense just when you need them! lol)

Prayer Point - Pray that nothing will take the place of God in your life and ask God to help you manage your time, so that you will give priority to the very important things in your life.

Action - Lets learn to balance the various aspect of our lives so that nothing suffers.

Note - I will be posting a note on the world cup on the NextGeneration of Fathers discussion page on Facebook, its hilarious but at the same time thought provoking...All ladies in the house, its a must read for you this world cup season. hahahahaha.

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