Monday, June 7, 2010


What a topic on a monday morning, i just had to write about it...being my usual self and an advocate for Godly and strong marriages that are built on God's words, communication, trust, mutual respect, unconditional love and all it takes to make our marriages what God has destined it.

I got the title of the message from a tape i was listening to on marriage and the speaker spoke on what men need and he mentioned unlimited sex and i was like ye, you are right! lol,

If the truth be told, i am in support of unlimited sex with your spouse, who wouldn't be ?, frolicking , relaxed and enjoying the husband/wife of your youth...but is it as simple as that ?

Check out this scenario from a woman's perspective... You go to work in the morning, after doing your household chores, getting your children prepared for school and dropping them off, while your husband gets himself ready and goes to work. You get home about the same time and you continue with a thousand and one things while Mr.Husband sits and waits for his food, after that, he goes to bed while you clean up and get ready for the next day. You finally drag yourself to bed and voila Mr.Husband suddenly becomes active after playing the role of an inactive person throughout the day! lol... A tired wife if the truth be told will not be the best partner in bed... but reverse the scenario and be the Mr. Husband that helps her out with the children in the morning, call plus text during the day and by the time you get home, you help her in getting the children prepared for bed while she cooks, as you do this, you bond and finally after dinner, you can both have a relaxing bath together and unlimited sex can truly be unlimited! hahahahaha...

This picture painted here is what happens in most homes, most of our men , leave everything to the woman and you still expect her to look her best and be a tigress in bed, that my dear is not possible...lets learn to help our spouse in the house from time to time and watch how our intimate life will be transformed from limited sex to unlimited sex!

I believe i speak for most wives when i say this, most women are doing too much for themselves, their family and friends and they leave themselves at the bottom of their to do list...tired and worn out, they can not fulfill their role of being mothers and wives because they are too tired from doing so much for everyone...i have heard so many fathers, telling their children to go meet their mum and leave them alone, as if the mother is the only parent they have..please lets know that your wife is help meet suitable, meaning she came to help and not for you to leave the work to her like Adam did, leaving Eve to herself! lol (My personal opinion about how Eve fell, was because Adam left her to herself). May God help us all to be there to bring out the best in each other in Jesus name amen.

Do you know - Genesis 2 - 18 says; God said, its not good for man to be alone, i will make him a helper comparable to him. So we are to help what you are doing, and its working together, in all ways as one because God has said its not good that you be alone!

Prayer point - God help my home to be what you want it to be...a home where the husband will be like Christ, that gave Himself for us and the wife will be submissive plus be a help meet indeed. Dear God help us to communicate our needs to each other in love and let Love reign supreme in our midst in Jesus name amen.

Action - As wives, we should know that love making is part of the marriage covenant, so we should ask God for the grace to fulfill our marital obligations. Husbands encourage your wives in this aspect by being nice to her, helping her at home from time to time, speaking words of love and encouragement to her plus buying her gifts. God will help us all in Jesus name amen.

I await testimonies in Jesus name as we enter this new week of opportunities and favor. God bless us all.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks ma for this wonderful piece!!! I used to feel that there was something wrong with me but now i know the truth and oh my! the truth indeed sets free. our husbands needs to know that all their wives need is H-E-L-P so that we can satisfy them beyond their imaginations. we do not plan on being tired but after going through the day with chores that wont go away, kids, cooking, work, traffic, shopping; i mean, the list is endless (and we are not even on the list!!!) it is little wonder we end up flat out. God bless you truly.