Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hello everyone, i trust our week has been great so far, may God continue to make our days ahead better, brighter and cause our expectations to manifest according to His perfect will in Jesus name amen.

I stumbled on a Nigerian movie three days ago with the title above and after watching the movie, mid way to the end, i decided to share the story here. It was acted by Sunny Neji, one of my favorite Nigerian male vocalist, Rita Dominic, Kanayo.O.Kanayo and other Nigerian Nollywood actors.

The story was about a man married with two kids that loved his extended family and would go to any length to help and satisfy them to the detriment of his own family, after some time to prove the love of his family members, he arranged his own death without the knowledge of his wife, just to see how his family members will care for his family when he is gone...The final gist ; he discovered to his pain and amazement that his extended family did not care about his family at all and could not even use the money he left in trust for them to take care of his children and wife. He eventually revealed himself after he had tested each of his family members that he helped and they failed the test by their uncaring actions to his family.

This story brought to my mind, so many women that have lost their husbands and today are suffering as their husbands' relatives are either fighting them for their late husbands' properties or they could care less how they and their children survive... its a wicked world we live in and my sincere advice is that men should know that its one life to live and we must all live it well, lets learn to put things in place for our immediate family, i am not against helping people but please do not end up as the helper of outsiders while you leave your family helpless.

As a husband and father, do the following :
1. Learn to save for rainy days, invest, plus open educational accounts in your children's names and also invest in properties with your spouse name as co- owner.

2. Get a lawyer and write down your will, (This does not mean you are dying soon, but just to be prepared like the boys scout motto! lol ).

3. Spend quality time with those that will miss you most when you are gone and please make your life on earth count as there is life after death.

My advice to us all is
1. To do as we would be done by, spare time for those that are bereaved, help the widows and even widowers around you.
2. Lets not be friends in words and be all over a man when he is alive, but when he passes on, leave his family to suffer. May God help us all to be wise and to do right at all times. God bless us.

Do you know - Matthew 10 - 36 says a man's enemies will be those of his own household ?

Prayer point - Ask that God will help you to live your life with eternity in view, pray that God will save you from unfriendly friends and relatives in Jesus name amen. Ask God to teach you to number your days, so you continuously apply your heart to wisdom (Psalm 90 - 12).

Action - Take out time and prayerfully read Micah 7.
Learn to share things with your wife..I know some African men still believe that when their wives know all their investments they will be more demanding and even plan to kill them while some are are afraid to write a will because of this.
Please lets know that these thoughts are not true and remember that when you are friends/partner with your spouse, you are better off eventually.God help us all.

Note - Thanks to all those that responded to the message on "unlimited sex"...someone said we should also tell the women to say sweet words and buy gifts for their wives over to you. lol


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Suzanne said...

You’re article is a very interesting read! It brings Ephesians 5:28-30 to mind for the men and I Peter 3:1 for the women. I agree with you that men should give thought to their family. But the wives should be just as attentive to the welfare of the family as a whole unit, who depend upon one another, as we rely upon our heavenly Father’s love and guidance in daily life. God’s omnipotence is ever-present, even when it seems there’s no way out (I Corinthians 10:13). Yes, I appreciate the passage in St. Matthew 10:36. In my own life it’s been a work-in-progress, which I’ve written about it in Mommy’s Writings. It’s only with the love of God which strengthens my walk, each and everyday, that I rejoice in God’s wisdom and his infinite love for each and every one of us. Amen.

Suzanne McMillen-Fallon, Published Author, would you like a sandwich?

Anonymous said...

君子遇窮困,則德益進,道益通。 ..................................................

Bridget Elesin said...

Hello Suzanne, am thrilled to have you reading my blog, thanks for all your comments. I agree with you that wives too should be attentive to the welfare of the family as a whole unit, i was more concerned with the men as i know most Nigerian/African wives are already too involved with the family unit compared to the men. I will go the web site and read about Mommy's writing. Thanks again.@ QuinnJ and huntb, thanks for your comments, its a pity i do not understand your language, hopefully, i will get someone someday that will help to translate your writings for me to understand your comments. All the same thanks for visiting my blog