Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hello all, Happy belated fathers day to all fathers and the future fathers out here, may God grant you all the wisdom to be fathers just like Him.

Its good to be back here, with so many messages to write on, i will like to start with my own story...Last week Monday 14th June was exactly seven years i got married to my dear husband who i choose to call my most favorite person in the world !

Its been seven wonderful, interesting and challenging years but through it all, God has been faithful. We have had our ups and downs, we have had moments, i am sure we have both questioned our marriage relationship but the bottom line for us has been our hope plus trust in God and the truth that our marriage is forever and we must work at it daily to be what we desire it to be.

We took out time last weekend to reappraise ourselves and how we are doing, and the bottom line was the need to step up our game in all aspect of our lives; which includes our time with God and prayer life, our relationship with each other and our children etc.

For us our common ground in our marriage has always been the God factor and the ability to communicate without pretense, telling ourselves the truth, no matter how much it hurts! we had that opportunity to really listen to ourselves as well as plan for the years ahead. This season for us is a season of true partnership, as we will need each other to face the years ahead and our prayer is that God that ordained marriage and brought us together will see us through the next seven years and all the years ahead of us in Jesus name amen.

So my question to all those of us that are married is what is our common ground ?...

What was it, you saw in your spouse at first that made you go all out forsaking all others..for some, it was the looks, good manners, style of dressing, love for God, for those that were not in Christ before they got married, and were already experimenting with each other, it was the great sex! (I do not subscribe to premarital sex for so many reasons, but that's a story for another day for the singles! lol). For many people, it was the person's outlook to life, their being humorous, selfless, talkative, sure of themselves and for many others, it was the cooking and food! hahahaha and my other question will be how have we used our common ground to improve our relationship ?

Many of us that are going through challenging times in our marriages and even on the brink of divorce have forgotten all about our common ground...that same man or woman you could not sleep without seeing or speaking to, is the same person you can not stand their sight now...May God help us to make things right in our lives and homes in Jesus name amen.

Do You know ...Communication is to marriage, what blood is to the human body? Let us all learn to communicate with our spouses as good communication will help us stay on common ground to keep our marriages going stronger.

Prayer point..Ask God that ordained marriage to help your marriage be what He destined it to be right from the foundations of the earth. Ask God to help you and your spouse see the good in each other and encourage yourselves in the Lord always.

Action Point... Start appreciating each other from today, call your spouse from time to time and just tell them how much you miss and love them, for the men, learn to listen to your wife daily, even if its for 15 minutes every day and for us wives, learn to ask your husband how you can help him, as he speaks to you, learn to pray with him and for him concerning the issues affecting him. God help us all.

Note - I await your comments and thanks to everyone that has been sending messages to encourage all i do here, you are all truly appreciated...guess what ? my highest comments so far has been on the topic" unlimited sex" ! wow..we need to talk more on it... lol ! God bless us all.

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