Friday, June 4, 2010


Happy weekend to us all. I trust we are all doing great.
I have been burdened lately about marriages especially when i read that the former United States Vice - President Al Gore and his wife Tipper were separating after 40 years of marriage..I was stunned, this was after a rude shock about the proposed divorce of a well known TV Evangelist, whose wife had filed for divorce after 30 years of marriage, and my question is why after all these years, when where they are going to, is closer than where they are coming from? ...Will we ever have life time marriages in this generation at this rate ?...

So many questions but my answers lies in the tongue and teeth model.. Have you ever seen the tongue running out of the month because the teeth bit it ? The tongue remains for them to work together and chew, so the body can get food to keep going...

God created Marriage as a life time commitment. He created it for our good and He expects us to work at it daily. So lets learn to walk the talk by taking these few points to heart;

1.Love your spouses unconditionally.

2.Forgive him/her in advance just as Christ forgave us by dying for us while we were yet sinners.

3.Learn to deal with unpleasant events instead of attacking your spouse when they go wrong. Learn to affirm your spouse and appreciate them.

4. Lets learn to create experiences that will increase our love for each other..i.e date nights, sharing common interest, laughing together.

5. We must above all put God first in all we do, He is the only one that can help us do all things and make impossible situations in our marriages possible.

Do you Know..Love is a key factor in marriage and true love is kind, forgives and does not take account of wrong doing...Read 1 Corinthians 13 in the Message bible translation.

Prayer Point - Dear Lord, help me to see marriage the way you see it. Help me to be the kind of husband/wife you want me to be for my spouse. Give me dear Lord the capacity to love my spouse even as Christ loves the church. Help us to submit one to another.

Action - I recommend the film" Fire proof" to all married couples and those intending to get married. If you have friends, get the movie and organise a couples movie day out, watch the movie and talk about lessons learnt.

If your marriage is going through tough times, reach out to God and ask Him to lead you to Godly Counsellors that will help put you/spouse back on track. For the unmarried, even if you are not Christians, DO NOT MARRY WITHOUT SEEING A MARRIAGE COUNSELLOR (See at least 2, that have the marriage to prove what they do and are real...My husband and i saw over four Counsellors before we got married and we are better for it today).

Learn to do something nice daily for your spouse even if he/she is not appreciative, after some time, they will learn to appreciate.

Learn your spouse's love language and do things that will increase their love bank in your favor.

God help us all to keep our marriages in Jesus name amen, Remember a family that prays together stays together, more than ever we need to pray for our marriages/ourselves.

QUESTION - Kindly help answer this question of why you think Bill and Hillary Clinton are still together despite all the scandals of infidelity on Bill's part...Do you see them as a couple that is walking the talk of keeping their marriage real and together. I await your answers or comments.


Unknown said...

tnx, that really spoke to me. keep it up, your words keep me on the right road

Bridget Elesin said...

Thanks remzo for your comment, I am glad you were blessed by the post. God bless you