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I was sent this message by my dear Mentor and Prayer Strategist - Mummy Bolade, and for me it was a sign that God wanted me to post it here as i had the intention of writing an article about this issue, mine would have been on the subject of distraction and a failed destiny, hopefully i will still write it but please as Christians, we honestly need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling..

The devil is on the prowl to see most people make hell, so he will bring people their way to distract them and make them end up there, this will not be our portion in Jesus name amen. I have heard countless stories of Men/Women of God compromising their faith and engaging in all sorts of immorality, some have wives and chains of girlfriends outside, some steal from the church to enrich themselves.. Lets know that God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, he reaps! May we not end up like Samson that had his eyes plucked out to become a pepper grinder and laughing stock for his enemies because he had no self control! God help us all in Jesus name amen.Lets read this and ask God for His help, if we have such issues in our lives...

I don't want your life to suffer an accident of destiny.
by Pastor Faith Bankole

The world is looking for successful people, while God is looking for the approved, a generation of saints that believe in character, integrity, holiness and purity. Remember in every generation, there is always a remnant.

The Church of Jesus was a militant church, but with little compromises, the church has become a toothless "bull dog" because there was no confrontation. That is the missing axe head. What you fail to confront, you'll never control.

The reason why there is still sin everywhere is because there is no confrontation from the pulpit, no one person is prepared to confront the mystery of iniquity. We're dining and winning with what we should confront, that is why they are still with us.

God does not live in Nineveh, God lives in obedience. We have pollution in the churches because of men and women, like Lot, without character.

‘Churchianity’ without Christianity: they know the pastor of the church, but they don't know the Lord of the church, they are after position, but not after possession of his power, committed but not converted. Saved, but not sanctified. Close to the pastor, but they don't have the pastor's anointing, they end up collecting a curse. Elisha collected double portion, Gehazi collected leprosy.

Sometimes ago I was invited to pray for a member of the church I pastured who was sick which I did. A day after the lady walked into my office, and confessed that she actually aborted a pregnancy. Upon enquiry she mentioned a senior pastor with a living church as being responsible. I wrote to the pastor for his clarification, he called me on phone to know my where about and came immediately. The first thing he said when we met was 'Bishop must not hear this’. What an amazement ! He went as far as sending a couple to beg so that ‘Bishop’ will not hear.
That tells you how people seek the approval of man rather than God's approval. The lady eventually died. If you can't tell when you're disconnected, you're not saved. The law of retributive justice is immutable, 'Whatsoever a man sow, so shall he also reap'

Jude wrote one book of the bible, comprising just one chapter, he leaves nobody in doubt as to the power of pen, thank God he didn't write more than one book, his language was too strong. He gave them one of the most terrible adjectives. (Jude 1:3,12,13).
They crept in unawares, they join the fellowship, the choir, the activity group, all the join-able, and the world has come to accept them as one of the brethren. They escape Egypt, but they didn't make Canaan, they come to the feast of charity. They are clouds without waters. Any little thing they are thrown off balance. Wondering stars, what a word, no benefit to the sailors. Sailors use the North Star.

Reason why we can't keep covenant with God is because we can't keep with men. If you meet a man who can keep covenant, come rain, come shine, you've met with a blessed person.

Sometimes if you apply a little reasoning, you will beat the devil down in His temptation.

A servant of God once said any person that seeks to make God absolutely responsible for the happiness around us, is an irresponsible prayer warrior; you have a role to play. It is written. It is required in stewards that a man be found faithful (I Cor 4:2). What is faithfulness, Faithfulness is what you do when no man is watching, and the opposite word of faithfulness is eye service. Faithfulness is what you do at the traffic light, when the Traffic Warden is not there.

Why am I speaking on this matter, I don't want your life to suffer an accident of destiny.
An accident of destiny is when the unexpected happens, when the ruler becomes a subject. It was an accident of destiny when Gehazi became leprous, when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and they were cast out of the Garden of Eden and their life was never the same again. It was an accident of destiny when God came to the house of Eli and said haven't I said that your children will be priest unto me forever? Forget it!

When a man starts very well and ends up in a very bad note, it is an accident. I read a story of a king that blew my mind - king Uzziah, the Bible described him as a consensus candidate, no dispute over his rulership. In his time there were lot of inventions, he was a success, but he ended up in leprosy. Success enters his head; he began to do what was an abomination.

It seems people will always forget how you start, but will always remember how you end. Same with God, he is not concerned on how you start but how you end. When you are cut in immorality you will always be seen as a lame man, even in death people will say, what an holy man but... Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof, many of such in the bible and in the contemporary.

In the book of Hebrews where the roll calls of all successful people in the bible was written, Solomon’s name was not mentioned, while Rahab the Harlot and Samson were mentioned.

In 1993 Olympics the athlete Ben Bullet won in 100 meters dash, but he was subsequently banned for been on drug, that was the last the world heard of him, he started on a good note, but ended up with leprosy. In the bible days the worst that could happen to a man is leprosy, it may not be leprosy in our days, but leprosy is everything that makes a man to end up in destruction. It is not how you start, but how you end. "The End Does Matter"

Final Note from me (Bridget) - I ask God most days to withdraw strength from me anytime i want to do wrong or go out of His will...i do not want to be seen as a Christian here and end up in hell..The message is clear: Let he that thinks he stands take heed lest he falls..1 Corinthians 10 - 12.

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