Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hello Everyone, I trust we had a great weekend.Happy mothers day to all the Mothers and mothers-to-be in the house, may God make us all His kind of women and mothers in Jesus name amen.

Today, i believe we should take out time and seriously pray for ourselves, our homes and our men especially..Things are happening everyday and you begin to wonder whats happening in the lives of our men and in our homes..I recently heard in the news of a known sports man in America and a former participant of dancing with the stars; one of America reality dance shows, who was charged for raping a 16 year old child..The bottomline was; he said he didnt know she was a minor, as she had told him she was 19 years old but my question is..what was he doing with another woman when he has a wife at home..

I believe most men think its okay to cheat on their wives and they always come up with stories of; its not good to be eating just one soup and other lame excuses..but i am sure they would not like it if their wives cheat on them! God FORBID that we do that! (Some women cheat too, i pray that God will help them to stop and become virtous and faithful women in Jesus name amen)

I believe, the ripple effect of adultry and fornication can not be quantified, it messes up destinies big time!..Ask Samson in the bible in Judges 16, Delilah reduced him from a mighty man to a blind pepper grinder! God forbid this in our lives. Please lets do a check on ourselves and if we have problems with our sexuality, then its time to come clean, pray and ask God for divine help.

I also need to ask that we make our spouses our accountability partners, be free to share your innermost thoughts with your wife/husband. If you are having problems with lust, pornography, let your spouse know and pray about it, this will even keep you in check and stop you from progressing into other self destroying sexual habits.. This is a battle cry, and i am sounding the alarm for us to pray and put our destinies back on track.God help us all.

Do you know - Joseph would have truncated his dreams of being the Prime Minister of Egypt if he had compromised by sleeping with Potiphar's wife- Check out his story in Genesis 39

Prayer Point - Lets ask God to repair all destinies that are struggling with sexual sins, lets ask for the grace to flee all appearances of evil like Joseph did.

Action - Everyone can be delivered of any addiction and the deliverer is Jehovah our creator, go to him in prayers and ask Him to help you with whatever sexual sin you are struggling with,ask Him to give you to grace to resist all forms of sexual temptations in Jesus name amen.

NOTE: As married couples, we need to take our intimacy to the next level, may God give us ALL the grace to meet the emotional needs of our spouses in Jesus name amen.
I speak freedom to everyone struggling with a sexual sin and i ask that God will set us free indeed and cover us with His blood that speaks better things to our destinies in Jesus name amen. I await our testimonies.

I sent this to a group created by me on Facebook called the "Next Generation of Fathers", its a group God inspired me to create supported by my two amazing Co-administrators, Sister -Jola Bajulaiye Obire and my brother from another parents - Tola Akinyemi, God has been helping us to raise the bars for the fathers of this generation, so that the next generation of fathers can be fathers indeed. Come join us and be blessed as well as be a blessing to us all.

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