Monday, May 31, 2010


I wish us all, a great month of June , our month of change...This is a month we must cry out to God to change our level/status...whatever does not glorify God in our lives, its time to change it.

June is the 6th month and it happens to be the middle of the year where we all need to take stock to see where we are and evaluate where we should be...until we cry out over our unpleasant situations, there will be no change. So many of us are meant to be at the top of the ladder but yet we are at the bottom. Some of us are meant to be doctors but we end up as cleaners in the hospital.. Some of us are due for promotions in different areas of our lives but we are yet to see such promotions while others testify daily of being promoted...

Its time to sit back and check your life and see where you do not measure up in your marriage, career, business, ministry and cry out to God like Jabez did in 1 Chronicles 4 - 9-10. This month is a destiny defining month as we must all rise up and cry to God in prayers until our change comes.

Do you Know - The common mistake we all make is to assume that God is all knowing and all seeing, and so He will bring our required change when He deems fit..know that heaven does not change what you can tolerate or endure...So what you can not stand will definitely be an item for change. ( Saturday 29th May Open Heavens devotional by Pastor E.A Adeboye paraphrased ).

Prayer point..Cry out to God like Jabez did, cry out to God like Hannah did in 1 Samuel 1 - 10-20...Ask God to change your story to glory in Jesus name amen.

Action- Check through the bible and see how some people got their change, for Joseph and Daniel, the fear of God, self control and integrity brought about their change. Naaman the Syrian with Leprosy, obeyed an instruction to change his story 2 Kings 5 - 1- 14. The Shunnamite woman in 2 Kings 4- 8-37 got her change by being kind to a Prophet...Provoke your change this month. Its your turn to testify in Jesus name amen.

Further reading - Psalm 50 - 15, The book of Daniel and The story of Joseph in Genesis Chapters 37, 39 - 50.

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