Sunday, May 23, 2010


Happy new week everyone, my prayer for us all this week is that God will come through for us in a big way as the month of Harvest comes to an end in 8 days time. I have to share this testimony to let us all know, that if we honestly have needs in our lives, God will meet it.

I noticed with the rains starting in Lagos, Nigeria, that we do not have a single Umbrella in my house; there is one in the car but none in the house, and considering that i had so many Umbrellas in my house at one time, this new "Umbrella-less" development was strange and like i told my husband when he asked about the many Umbrellas we used to have; i told him, the real owners have taken them, whoever they were! lol

I asked my husband to kindly help get an Umbrella, while i also try to get an extra one for the house. I didn't think much of it until today in church, when a dear friend's son came to my husband and i, and handed me an Umbrella from his parents; the Umbrella was a souvenir from a ceremony they just had. I was touched and happy that i got the Umbrella as a gift, especially since i did not attend the ceremony.

I went home from church happy, telling my husband and those with me, that God is ever faithful to supply our need. I did not know, more was to come...until later in the day,when we went visiting some of our friends that just moved into their new apartment. After, the visit as we were leaving, i noticed they had six Umbrellas lined up, i asked for one and was told to take the six, wow, i was stunned! So as not to be seen as being greedy, i took three! lol, but was also given one extra by the Madam of the house and they also handed us a bag, which i later discovered was food beverages when i got home ( To think i had also planned to buy some beverages to take us through the week before my new month shopping...This extra, was icing on my cake ! lol ).

My family is now the proud owner of five Umbrellas in one day and according to my younger brother; the five Umbrellas will not be able to cover the rain of blessings coming our way to which i said amen happily!

My encouragement to someone reading this message is that if God cared enough to meet the need of my family by giving us those five Umbrellas then He will meet yours if only you trust Him to do so.

Do you know..that my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:19.

Prayer point - ASK! Ask God, Seek Him, and Knock on His door for all your needs to be provided in Jesus name amen.

ACTION - Read more of God's words in the bible to help you know God is willing and ready to meet your needs...Find below some scriptures to help you : 1 John 5:14,15, Psalms 34:10, Psalms 145:15b,16, Isaiah 1- 19, Ezekiel 34-26, Matthew 6- 8b, Matthew 7-7,8, and 11, Matthew 21-22,John 3-22.

Lets learn to also read books that will help us in all ways we need help. I am currently reading some books and hopefully, will review a couple of them for our book club. Have a fruitful week everyone. I await our testimonies in Jesus name amen.

NOTE : This Message was sent to a group i created on Facebook called Next Generation of Fathers. If you are a guy and you have not joined this group, you are missing a lot...Ladies join too, and get your husbands or friends that are male to join.


S. Milin' said...

Hi Bridget, and Bridget's family, all whom I've not had the pleasure of getting to meet yet! Bridget, this word is a HUGE encouragement! And it's a reminder to present our (known) needs to God, and to WATCH as He supplies them perfectly for us!

Thank you! God bless you!
~Sarah (fm CA, USA)

*P.s. Next time you're out visiting, please let me know! ;)

Salt said...

The word that hit me in all of this was the word 'Ask'. I dont know why. Of course I know to pray. I know to talk to God about my needs but I realise that I have not really SPECIFICALLY laid down each of my needs to my father. You bet I will be doing that tonight. Thanks Ms. B. for reminding me.....

Bridget Elesin said...

@ S.Milin, My family and i are saying hello and hopefully we will get to meet you soon. I am grateful to God that the post was an encouragement, please keep stoping by to read more and be encouraged.God bless and meet you at the point of your need. @ Sister Divine, Happy birthday to you my dear sister from another mother, May God flood your life with all the good things He has reserved for you on earth and continue it in heaven when you meet Him after fulfilling your purpose and days on earth. Yes, ASK is what most of us don't do and i am learning to do so like Oliver Twist!, so ASK on! lol