Friday, May 21, 2010


Thank God its Friday ! a mother with two children in school, Fridays are always the days i say thank you God for seeing me through the week as Saturday means a longer day in bed! lol.

I had a funny experience this morning, i slept late as i was online for a while doing my Facebook business as usual, and for the first time in a long time, we had light/power all through the night, so that meant the air conditioners could come Nigeria this is a treat!...hahahaha

By 4am, as usual my husband's alarm came on, to warn me that i had one more hour of light sleep before waking up finally, but i guess i overdid the one hour and got woken up by this rude cough..i tried coughing and changing my sleeping position, but the cough persisted until i got up to take some water, that was when i noticed it was way past my usual wake up time and if i did not hurry, , my daughters will miss their school bus...boy, i was like a mum on roller skates, getting them ready, but the beauty of it all, was that they made the school bus with the help of their understanding school driver ! Thank God for little mercies!!

My take from the whole experience was that the "cough" was not usual but a prompting by the Holy Spirit to get me to wake up, if i had ignored that prompting, my daughters would have missed school or my day would have been altered by the whole experience. So what am i getting at ? many of us have ignored the prompting of the Holy Spirit and have ended up suffering for it..

How many times, have we been prompted to do something but we have ignored it, leaving ourselves stranded or in trouble at the end. Lets learn to listen to the Spirit of God prompting us; to take the right decision, to seek wise counsel, to treat our spouses/children with love and understanding, to treat our co-workers the way we would want to be treated, to be nice and attentive to our parents, to reach out to someone and make his or her day...I pray that the Holy Spirit will help us to listen as He prompts us to act in our own best interest. God bless us all and do enjoy your weekend.

Do you know...When you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit comes into you to live your new life? Check out John 14- 26, John 16 -12-15,Romans 8-26

Prayer Point - Ask God to help you be led by His spirit always in Jesus name amen.Romans 8-14

Action - Lets learn to discipline ourselves by reading God's word and get the Holy Spirit to lead us always.