Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hello all, happy midweek, the month of May is on the move and we are in the 5th day already..Indeed God is in a hurry to bless us as His mercies are new every morning.Hallelujah!

I was talking with a couple of my friends recently and our topic was the unhealthy rivalry amongst Christians, from all that was said, i sensed a lot of insecurities in those that were bent on pulling others down with their actions.I also saw that a lot of people have been so hurt by the actions of others that they are afraid to trust again and move on..

My words to someone reading this today is; Remove unhealthy rivalry, envy and bitterness, remove every anti harvest emotions that will deprieve you of the new thing God wants to do in your life this matter what has been done, do not let negative events hold you hostage. Feel the pain..grieve the lost, forgive and release those that have offended you, forgive yourself and don't live a life of guilt, be determined to move on.

Do you know: You can not build a monument of your past and move forward? Know that God said in Isaiah 43-18-19a, that we should forget the former things; and not dwell on the past because He is doing a new thing!

Prayer point - Ask God to help you to let go and let Him. Ask that He will hasten His words to fulfill in your life in Jesus name amen.

Action Point- List every negative event that has held you hostage and pray that God will help you to let go just as Joseph let go of his hurt, knowing what his brothers meant for evil was turned to good by our all knowing God. Genesis 50-19-20