Saturday, April 17, 2010


Happy weekend everyone, i trust we are all doing great with our families, Glory be to God for keeping us all safe and alive..May God console and comfort all those that have been involved in one natural disaster, accidents or the other..This is becoming an everyday occurence and indeed, our thoughts go.."The world is coming to an end"..Well, lets get prepared for eternity by living for Christ and having His mind.

I have been thinking of what fear does to the human mind lately and the first person that came to mind was Job.In Job 3- 25, he talked about his fear coming to pass...Read the book of Job in the bible and see how he lived and what his fears were.

As human beings, we all have things we fear, some people are afraid to fail, some are even afraid to be successful and rich, some are afraid of heights, enclosed rooms, some are afraid of being poor, while others are afraid of being divorced, being seperated, not getting a partner to settle with, some are afraid of their past catching up with them and so many other the end what we fear most, as we dwell on them consistently stops us from making progress and some times, it becomes our reality.Fear is a stronghold that the devil uses against us the father of lies, he uses his lies to create fear and as we believe this lies, we begin to live in fear..

I have a mentor, that was always afraid of her husband cheating on her; coming home one day with an illegitimate child, because most men around him were adulterers and had illegitimate children all over the area where they live. One day her thoughts and words became her reality and for me that was a wake up call...

Fear paralyses and keeps us stagnant, we end up not making progress because we have the fear that if we do some things, it may turn out i have good news for that person that the fear of the unknown has held bound, you are free in Jesus name as whom the Son of God has set free is free indeed.John 8-36

May God help us all to confront the fear factors in our lives and bring it to Jesus, who is the author and finisher of our faith to help us deal with our fears and move forward.

Do you know..Fear is the opposite of Faith? God wants us to walk by faith and not by fear.. 2 Timothy 1- 7

Prayer point - Ask God to come into your life if you are not born again and ask Him to take away every fear from you and replace with faith in your heart..

Action - Seat down with a note book and write down the things that have turned themselves to fear factors in your life, get hold of your bible and study the word of God as it affects your situation, bring those fears to God and ask for His healing mercies..Pray and start living your life by Faith instead of fear.Remember that its said that there are 365 Fear nots in the Bible, one for each day of the year, so when fear comes..tell yourself fear not! I await your testimonies!