Thursday, March 11, 2010


Its my birthday and i had to do this special post to myself..yes its good to celebrate yourself...

I am some where far away from home trying to get myself together. I took the decision to go away from home, so i can sit back and reflect on my life as well as take actions to take me to my next level.

I have been able to achieve a lot in a space of three days and i still have more actions to take to fulfill one of my life long dream of becoming an i celebrate my day today, i celebrate the goodness of God in my life, without which i would have been a "nobody" a dear friend of mine said on my wall on facebook..if my birthday was up to man, maybe i would have been on the queue, just to buy one year! but thank God my life is not in the hands of any man but in the hands of God and He has shown to me that He is so good that i am overwhelmed by His goodness.

I am a blessed woman by all standard, i am still amazed, how far God has brought me..sometimes, i wonder what i have done to deserve God's goodness..but in all i sincerely thank Him for my life, the woman He has made me, the wife He has made me to my husband, the mother, He has made me to my children, biological and spiritual, the daughter, sister and friend He has made me to my parents;biological and spiritual, to my siblings and to all my dear friends.

My prayer for myself is that God will make me a woman of wisdom indeed, a woman,serving Him in spirit and in truth, filled with His words plus obedient to Him all the way, and a woman, wealthy in all areas that wealth can be mentioned.

My prayer for us all, my dear readers; is that we learn to dream again, take actions again, pray again, believe again,trust again, hope again, forgive again,learn new things, appreciate life and people around us more, sing a new song to God, live our life to the fullest with eternity in view, be a blessing to someone starting with our spouse,children and loved ones, pray for someone in trouble, make that call, give that marriage another chance, be a pillar of support to another, learn to laugh again, learn to reach out and touch someone in love...Just do Good because God is Good!


Salt said...

Bridget Elesin!!!!! You know I rarely call you by your full and real name so you know I am seriouser than ever. You ARE a mighty woman of God. Just by meself without adding all that you had done and spoken into the lives of others, I know that you are from God. You are his signet ring. You are authentic. And I love you. Happy Birthday. My prayer for you in this season on this day is that ALL that God has put on the inside of you, will APPEAR and be a blessing to millions and zillions cous it will be a huge misnomenor (I no go skul oh, is that the correct spelling?) you get the idea. lol) not to bring it all back so remember out talk this a.m. JUST DO IT!!!!!!! Mwaah!

Happy Birthday my Sista-Divine!

Prince Okeoma said...

I celebrate with you!
Your life is a testimony that virtuous women can still be found.
Keep evolving from glory to glory blessing your generation until you see HIM face to face.
Happy Birthday!

hanatwosshoes said...

Happy Birthday Bridget. My hopes are for you x

dog said...

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