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This is a message that was preached by one of my mentors - Apostle Wole Oladiyun and he gave permission to other pastors to preach this message to liberate their congregations…so here is Pastor Wole and my own version of the message! Lol. May God give us understanding as we read and may He help us to have complete victory over all protesting powers and voices in Jesus name amen.

In order to have an understanding of this message, we need to know the definition of a key word “ Protest”
To protest means to object to, be in opposition, speak strongly against.
Many of us are victims against powers we do not know. Voices that want to make us stay in a stagnant position, powers that want us to live a life below what God has destined for us, but know that despite these powers and voices, as Christians, nothing can stop our glorious destinies as All POWER BELONG TO GOD!

a. They protest because you are a destiny helper
b. They protest when they know you have something new to offer to be a blessing
c. They protest when it’s your season to manifest
d. They protest when they know that positive and good reports are on the way
e. They protest when they know you are a pillar to someone they do not like.

Below are nine cases in the bible of protesting powers and voices against people's destinies:
1. Herod vs. Jesus Christ - Matthew 2- 1- 13 (You can read the whole chapter of Matthew 2). Herod sought to kill the baby Jesus. He knew Jesus had come to save mankind but he wanted to protest this glorious destiny by killing him as a baby so he will not fulfill his assignment of saving mankind.
Prayer point - May every protesting power and voice standing in the order of Herod, waiting to destroy you from manifesting your glorious destiny be destroyed in Jesus name. Matthew 2- 19

2. Cain vs. Abel - Genesis 4 - 3- 8.
Cain and Abel were siblings from same parents and yet Cain, the elder brother killed Abel because God accepted Abel's offering and sacrifice. The breakthrough in Abel was protested by Cain and he killed him.
Prayer Point - May None of our siblings and relatives be used to kill our manifestations and breakthroughs in Jesus name amen.

3. Haman vs. the Jews - Esther 3- 5-6
Haman decided to kill every Jew because one man- Mordecai refuse to bow to him.
Prayer point - May you never bow to iniquity in Jesus name amen. May God silence all protesting power in the order of Haman in Jesus name amen. Esther Chapter 6 and 7

4. Pharaoh vs. The Children of Israel - Exodus 5- 1-2-end and Exodus 14- 23-31
Pharaoh tried to prevent the children of Israel from serving the Lord and being free men, but at the end, He died with all the Egyptians that pursued the Israelites.
Prayer Point - May every power pursuing you and wanting to make you a permanent slave be destroyed according to the order of Pharaoh and the Egyptians in the sea.

5. Blind Bartimaeus vs The People - Mark 10 - 46 - 52
Blind Bartimaeus had a physical challenge and he heard that Jesus was passing by, as he cried out to Jesus Christ for help, “many” warned him to be quiet! But thank God ,he cried out the more despite the protesting power and voices and he got his sight back as our loving Jesus spoke to his challenge! Hallelujah!
Prayer Point - Pray that the voice of the people will not stop you from seeking out God to meet your need.

6. Nehemiah vs Sanballat and Tobias - Nehemiah Chapter 2 , especially verse 10 and Chapter 4
Nehemiah had a burden to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, but as he went about doing this, Sanballat and Tobias became opposing power and voices. Thank God for Nehemiah's patience and focus.
Prayer Point - Ask God to keep you focused and undistracted, and above all to protect you from the Sanballat and Tobias around you in Jesus name amen.

7. Golaliath vs. David 1 Samuel 17
Goliath terrorized and opposed the Israelites but David came on the scene and stood against him…In verses 41 - 45, David confronted Goliath and in the name of the Lord despite his threats and insults, he prevailed! Hallelujah.
Prayer point – Pray that God will help you prevail over every Goliath in your life in Jesus name amen.

8 The man born blind vs. his neighbors and the Pharisees - John 9
The man was born blind but his condition was so, that the works of God should be revealed in him. He got his healing through Jesus and his neighbors and the Pharisees contested his healing/miracle and breakthrough but despite all, the man maintained his testimony in verse 25 of John chapter 9. Hallelujah.
Prayer point - Ask that no matter who is opposing, your testimony shall be sure in Jesus name amen.

9. Paul vs. the Jews. Acts 23 - 21
In Jerusalem, some of the Jews sought to kill Paul and in verse 12 of Acts Chapter 23, some of them went on an evil fast to kill him..But thank God for silencing the opposing voices and powers, so that His work would continue through Paul.
Prayer point - Pray that God will reveal the plans of every protesting power and voice and grant you great deliverance as He did for Paul.

I have other cases of protesting voices and powers in the bible i.e. Joseph and his brothers - Genesis 37, the old and young Prophet in 1 Kings 13...

I pray that God will help us this season to stand in His word and withstand all protesting powers and voices in Jesus name amen. May God arise on our behalf over every Protesting voices and powers in Jesus name. May we not be our own protesting power and voice like Jonah in Jesus name amen.

Note - That protesting powers and voices have pulled down rising stars, destroyed many marriages, businesses, many people have been rendered useless to themselves and families, and many have been brought down from the mountain of achievements , rescheduling them to useless assignments. May God deliver us all from protesting powers within and without .

Action – If you are not saved, then it’s time to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior and let Him fight your battle as in Exodus 14 - 14.
Kindly repeat these words- Lord Jesus, I welcome you into my life as my Lord and Personal Savior. I acknowledge that you shed your blood on the cross of Calvary for me, I ask that your blood will wash me from all sins and make me your child in Jesus name amen. Congratulations! You are now a child of God

Jesus is Lord, so all protesting powers and voices will submit to God ( Psalm 66 - 3 ). Hopefully , there will be a Part 2 of this message .

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