Sunday, January 31, 2010


Woah! just like that January is gone! I am happy to see the end of the month of January..its been a long month, a month of goal setting, school fees paying,school runs, business plan writing, praying for divine direction and all the works!
As a school - mum, not hockey mum like Sarah Palin , lol, its been a challenging month, with two prophetic and adorable daughters that wants their way all the time.."mummy, i want to sleep, i want cereal as breakfast ....No, i want bread and tea...the early morning wake up, preparation etc can be very challenging but i give God thanks as its a price i have to pay for being a mum!lol

Now that January is over, i am happy to announce to you that February is your month of help, You will get daily help as David got in 1 Chronicles 12 - 22.You will be helped marvelously like King Uzziah in 2 Chronicles 26-15b and you will get timely and divine help when you need it, just like in Psalm 46-1.

February will see us getting help as we are restored divinely just like the Shunnamite woman in 2 Kings 8: 1-6.

Arise and shine as God is your help this month of February in Jesus name amen.

Do you know.. God gave David the power to help and be a champion in Isreal? Psalm 89 - 19

Prayer point - Ask God to send you help all the way in the month of February just like in psalm 20 - 2 .

Action- You are being helped to be a help to another, so remember to be a blessing by helping someone this month of february.

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Salt said...

If ever I needed help, it was now. And help keeps coming bit by bit, small by small. God is indeed a true blue friend. Its not that I dont wish all this stress away but then how am I an overcomer if I face no battles? What then am I overcoming?

So, let the walls keep doing like they will not fall. They lie. As God is my Helper, I will break through them too. Yes, no walls, no breakthroughs!

Thanks Ms. B!