Friday, January 15, 2010


Enjoy this candid and life-saving/marriage saving contribution from a dear friend and big sister of mine in response to the message on a must read on sex for all praying wife on face book.

Bridge, the write up was so powerful that I copied and forwarded it to all the married couples on my personal email box. Most marriages today are suffering because they are sexually starved. Some couples are so sexually starved to the extent that they don't even know that it is starvation. They are wondering why they are stressed, aggressive and what not. Please there are so many pros to sex that some of us are aware of and some of us aren't. When I heard about it helping you to lose weight I did not believe it until one day, I weighed myself before and after - guess what, I lost 1 LB. I yelled out to my husband. So imagine doing it 5 x or 7 x a week...go figure!

Below are benefits of Sex!

Frequent Sex Benefits

•Lower mortality rates.
•Reduced risk of prostate cancer.
•Improves posture.
•Boosts self esteem.
•Makes a person feel younger.
•Firms tummy and buttocks
•Keeps spouses connected emotionally.
•Offers pain-relief.
•Gives people a positive attitude on life.
•Reduced risk of heart disease.
•Makes a person more calm.
•Improves fitness level.
•Makes a person less irritable.
•Reduced depression.
•Improved sense of smell.
•Has a therapeutic effect on immune system.
•Better bladder control.
•Relieves menstrual cramps.
•Helps people sleep better.
•Improves digestion.
•Healthier teeth.
•Helps folks remember more.
•Produces chemicals in the brain to stimulate the growth of new dendrites.
•Lowers the level of cortisol, a hormone that can trigger fatigue and cravings.
•Lowers feelings of insecurity.
•Increases level of commitment.
•Less-frequent colds and flu. Report

I can testify to many of these benefits.

Women that complain of headache etc little do they know that the so-called sex is the cure!

I remember reading a magazine some years back and couples were interviewd on how often they are intimate. This lady said, she made sure they at least have it every- day if not at least 5x because LIFE IS TOO SHORT! She wants to enjoy her husband because anything can happen anytime!. I was like.."light bulb??? Nothing will happen to our husbands in Jesus name. But yeah, life is too short! You only get to live this life once. Why not go all the miles...

Let me introduce you guys to the 'CALENDAR'..I have been doing the calendar thing now 6 to 7 years now. I mark every time we are intimate. So at the end of every month my husband and I go over it and if it was a good count thumbs up and if not work better next month and at the end of the year we calculate how many times it came up to and compare with the previous year! Oh yes. Care to know how it came about? My husband was always complaining then ( I guess he was sexually starved ha ha) that we did not do it when I think we did and there was no way to prove until we were in the company of some friends and this issue came up and a friend just brought it up like " haven't you heard of the calendar? I was like let me in. She said, whenever you do it mark it down! And if he is complaining that he never got anything, show him the calendar...Wow that brought so much relief. from something bad to something beautiful! I have hearts marked down all over the calendar if it was a fantastic one, you see 2 or 3 hearts with codes like VS(very sensual) or it could be VVS (very very sensual) or VVVSP (very very very sensual & passionate) or see arrows all over the place and sometimes just one heart or a 'Q'.

We are all here to learn from each other. The word of God says"iron sharpeneth iron".

NOTE - I just had to share this here as i was so blessed by it..may God help us as wives to do the needful and may God help our husbands too. I await comments from you my esteemed readers.


deoluakinyemi said...

I need to give you chance to post this on my blog and create you as an author and link back to your place. You need to ride on my platform and let's push you out.

If wrong sex sells, pure sex must sell more :).

I'm sure this will help a lot of people, so what say you?

Bridget Elesin said...

My Prophet, will be glad to post on your blog and like you said pure sex should sell more, and it will help us all to demystify all the sexual myths in marriage and help us live a more fulfilling life as married couples. As Genesis puts it..they were naked and not ashamed! Thanks for the comment and for the opportunity to reach more people.God bless you always

Sonam Wangchuck said...

candid ...i wish i can write like u without inhibition