Tuesday, December 22, 2009

YEAR 2009 VS YEAR 2010

I have been doing what i call "stock taking" of my year 2009 and projections for year 2010 and beyond.What is clear in my spirit is that 2010 will be a year of Purpose.It will be a year where God will help us fulfill destiny as we focus on Him in Faith. Next year will be a year of living by Faith as the bible says the Just shall live by their faith. For those that are married, these are some of the issues we must stand and pray about and make changes where needed

1. Your marriage must be taken seriously..You as a woman must be submissive even if your husband does not deserve it as you think.The bible is clear about that, we must be SUMBISSIVE to get our marriages on the right track .
2, We must beautify ourselves in and out, talk right, dress well, make our homes neat and be hospitable
3. We must treat our husbands as Lord and not rubbish them before others, we must learn to respect our heads and love them despite themselves.
4. We must bring ROMANCE back to our marriages, stop giving excuses with jobs and the children, its time to love your husband afresh and bring back all that will bring the spark back in your marriage.
5. Its time to pray like never before and call your situation what you want it to be and not what you are seeing, In Genesis, it was what Adam called the animals that they were named!
6. Its time to sow seeds that will speak on your behalf and for your family as seed time and harvest is sure.
7. Its time to study to show thy self approved, we must read our bibles until we get the Truth of God's words in us, lets study other books too that will help us improve our lives..i am currently studying two books as if i am writing examinations on them..lol, they are The Assignment by Mike Murdock and The Purpose driven life by Rick Warren.
8. We all need Godly mentors that will help us live better lives, pray for one and meet the person, one on one, Pls note that your mentor is not the author and finisher of your faith but a human being, so pls do not equate a mentor with God/Jesus Christ.
9. We must be accountable to our spouses, this is very key for a peaceful marriage.Lets learn to be honest in our relationships.
10. We must ask God for Wisdom and understanding in all areas of our lives, year 2010 will be a year of the Holy Spirit as He is the best teacher, so this is a good time to get baptised in the Holy Spirit for exploit next year.
11. Its time to pray for Godly relationships/friendships and pray for the seperation of all "LOTS" in our lives, To fulfill destiny, there are some associations that we must take to God and ask if its a comma or a fullstop , May God help us all in this area. Mind you..this should not be in a husband/wife relationship, God is clear on putting away/divorce.
12.Year 2010 will be a yearto give thanks at all times and move as we are led by the spirit of God..

For those that are single:
1. Its time to serve God like never before, you must be God minded, so that God too will be over mindful of you.
2. You must believe God for your spouse and not be led by what you see or hear..age is a number, the wrong spouse can make you end in hell, so you must go to your maker and ask Him for His perfect will for you as regards your life partner.
3. You must ask God to beautify your life and perfume you in all areas.
4. You must keep the right company
5. You must be prayerful and thankful

Note - My prayer is that we should know we are on earth for a purpose and should live our lives with eternity as our main focus..let him who thinks he stands, take heed lest he falls...1 Corinthians 10 - 12. Jesus Christ is Lord!

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emeka said...

nice piece!i follow u a lot on ur blog.really,i just broke up with my galfren and i really want to talk to u about coz its like m going crazy!how can i reach u?thanks