Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Happy birthday to the one who chose me amongst so many to bear his name, the one i call my Priest, mentor, friend, brother,Confidante, sounding board and partner in progress.May God beautify your life the more as you celebrate today and may your wish of loving Jesus Christ more be granted in Jesus name amen.

You are God's own gift to me, and i will cherish you forever.Thanks for being the friend that you are, my personal life coach that i do not pay a fee to consult, the one i can run to, to hear the truth always, no matter how much it hurts..you deliver on that with a smile! lol.
Thanks for being a responsible husband and father, a loving and responsible son to your parents and mine, a wonderful brother to your siblings and mine, a friend to all we have chosen to call friends!

Thanks for your integrity and trustworthiness, thanks for always saying the right words as led by the spirit of God. Thanks for all the laughter and sunshine you bring to me and the children.Thanks for your love for God and the things of God..You are a rare gem, a blessing to us all and a blessing to your generation .May God protect you and may Psalm 91 speak for you .May the beauty of God be upon you always. Love you forever with the love of the Lord and with my human mind!lol

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Salt said...

I join my sista-divine and personal Ms. B to wish you a belated happy birthday my ekiti brother! 365 days is not a joke at all and I bless God for keeping you through each and every one of those days! What a mighty God He is.

As you have crossed over into your own personal new year already, I wish you a stupendously awesome, awe inspiring 2010. Men will look at you and all that is yours in the coming year and they will wonder! And give glory to God. So it is and so shall it be in Jesus name. Amen!

Hope my own poundie and ishapa is in the oven o!!! lol!

Happy Birthday to you too o jare my sis, as per the two are one now!