Thursday, December 31, 2009


I am so excited to welcome us all into this year of purpose and possibilities. I see God doing mighty things with us all, as He will confirm His words with signs and wonders this year.

I told a couple of friends at the beginning of the month of December 2009, that i was done with fasting or waiting on the Lord by abstaining from food as i had done so much that sometimes i starve instead of fast!lol.
So i went through a greater part of December 2009, (i love food, i wish i had the type of system that can take much food without it showing as fat on my body!lol,) anyways, i was eating until i got led to do a three days fast with my extended family which i did and yes it was a great experience. So going forward in this new year, for me, except i am led, i will not engage in any outcome of my fast will be unleashed here as we progress into the year, but know that for this year to be as remarkable as has been prophesied for us all, we must:

1. Be "EGO" driven - Exalt God Only and not Edge Him Out - It must be all about God this year..Kindly read 1 Corinthians 1- 18-31, and read it in the Message translation alongside any other translation to better appreciate and understand why it should be all about God this year 2010.

2.We must be positive Influence as we are all leaders and leadership is defined as influence! So we are either leading ourselves, our families, workers , or people God has placed around us to look up to us..We must lead them right..Jeremiah 1 - 4, will tell us more about all of us being leaders even before we were born.

3. The company we keep must be right, this year is not the year for keeping ungodly relationships..Amos 3- 3, says two cannot walk together except they are in agreement, so if there is no agreement in your talk and walk, please cut the person/people off. Mind you..As married couples..Divorce is not permitted..Read Mark 10, so when i talk of cutting off people, your spouse is not someone to be cut off..God will grant us wisdom in Jesus name amen.This is a year to be in the company i call;Daniel's Company!

Note : In the book of Daniel, Daniel had three friends that were saved a couple of times because of Him, His association with those his friends was beneficial to both parties, so this year we must discern in our spirit and choose the right association that will lead us in the path of purpose. May God help us all.

Do you know- That those who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits .Daniel 11-32b

Prayer Point - Pray to truly love God and take His words as your reality this year 2010.
Ask God that He should bless you as He blessed Daniel and his friends in Daniel 1 - 17.

God bless us all and happy celebrations to all those celebrating birthdays, anniversaries etc , this month of January.

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