Thursday, November 19, 2009


Thank God its Friday!Hippee! am so excited that i will get to sleep at least 2 extra hours uninterrupted! As a mother of three Prophetic children below the ages of 6, its a tough job being a wife, mother, blogger, facebooker, enterpreneur and above all a prayer!lol.
Recently my dear 14 months old son has been an instrument of correction in my prayer life. He has the habit of waking up at a particular time of the night, intially, i saw it as a pain/punishment from God and will always argue and sometimes querell with God..that even if you want me to do midnight prayers, must you wake me rudely and annoyingly with a crying baby that must now eat cereal and play before he goes back to bed? God why me? and then prayer follows on my little darling's head..You are a blessing and not a pain as the blessings of God makes rich and adds no sorrow!hahaha! God has many children o!lol

Any ways, i am over that stage and i am now learning to enjoy the phase as adviced by my husband, who i always tell that "its easy to say as he is not the one doing the job"! lol! And so what i do now is to study, pray and command the day to favor me, my family and all those God has put in my life to partake of His goodness and this includes you my dear reading this message.So my Prayer for us today is that God will save us from secret faults and presumptuous sin, that the words of our mouth will be acceptable unto Him today (Psalm 19:12-14) . May God empower us to reach our goals, save us from all forms of error that may truncate our divine destinies and above all give us divine alertness to recognise divine opportunities in Jesus name amen.

DO YOU KNOW that Jesus said in Luke 18 - 1, that men ought always to pray and not to faint.

Prayer Point: May God help us to be persistent in our prayers until we get the desired change or results we want in Jesus name amen.

Have a terrific weekend and please remember me in your prayers as i take on the next phase of my work with God..Details coming soon! Love you all with the love of God.

Note - If the messages here has blessed you in anyway, kindly invite at least five persons to join the group (Next Generation of Fathers on Facebook)..People need to be blessed reading and knowing God's words and above all...You may just be a soul winner with that simple gesture of invitation. God bless you as you help populate heaven and decongest hell.Jesus Christ is Lord!

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DNW said...

Ns, B. Nice one. I remember too carrying my last born in my arms as I paced in the midnight hours. That is why till this day, he is the only one of my children that was humming praise and worship songs even before he was able to crawl.!!!!! For me, prayer is vital. I am standing today only cos of my talks with God when others lay sleeping. Today, i am not that hot but I know God remembers the other times and is withdrawing from my account for now....but by His grace I will pay in some more deposits before the account enter red. Thanks Sis