Monday, November 23, 2009


Hello dear , Happy week of divine recovery according to 1 Samuel 30 - 8, i trust we are all doing great. I have been in a stock taking mode lately; looking at the past months and what is left of the year.Indeed the year has passed away like a God not faithful to have kept us till now? that we are alive and well as we read this, is enough for someone here to give God a shout offering!Hallelujah!Glory to God forevermore!Waoh..i am excited, if you are not, borrow some of mine!lol.

Just this past sunday,on one of the Christian channels, i met a message preached by a Bishop Dale..He was actually closing or concluding his message but what i heard was enough to set me in a great mode that made me to conclude, that indeed stock taking was needed to help me create the kind of balance needed for my next level.

He said three things determine who we are:

1. Your money - What are you spending your money on, are you spending it on frivolous things like buying booze everyday for the boys while your home suffers?, are you spending on irrelevant things that have no eternal worth? what are you spending your money on?

2. Your shedule - What are you spending your time it on "You, Yourself and i/me alone", lol..Honestly, when last did you spend one hour in the presence of God..maybe thats too long..okay 30 minutes in God's presence?..when last dear Father/Father to be, did you spend 60 solid minutes with your spouse, and children..p..le..ase not the hours of "fainting" on the bed o.( i tease my husband..most times, when he is home during the weekend, for sleeping over half of the day off..and i tell him, you are home but not home! as this is a case of fainting on the bed! tired that we all just leave him to sleep!!!! and boy can that man sleep when he wants to!lol..sorry dear, about this little secret of ours, lol). So do you have more time for your work and buddies than you have for God and your family?

3. Your Friends - Who are the friends you mingle with and who are those you shun?right now, i am seriously on the friendship case as i found out that i and some of my friends do not share the same core values, so now, i delibrately mind those i spend my time with..As its said, show me your friends and i will tell you who you are..are you in the company of those that feed your vices/weak points, are you in the company of the eagles or are you are mingling with chickens when you are meant to be soaring high?
Listen up dear, its time to put first things first, kindly take proper stock of the past eleven months and make amends where necessary..May God help us all to do the needed "check" and see where we need to make a change.

DO YOU KNOW - Committment is determined by actions? if you say you are committed to a person/ a cause/job, your corresponding actions will determine your level of committment .

Prayer Point: Ask God to help us to do a soul search this season and tidy up our lives..for those that are not saved, all you need is to pray for Christ to come into your life and be the Saviour of your soul first before any other thing.
Ask God for the grace to major in the things that will earn you eternal dividend in Jesus name amen.

Action - Honestly access yourself and make the committment to change, start with spending time in God's presence as top priority every day, then spend some quality time with your spouse and family...remember, its a case of huge deposits and huge withdrawals..all the wives in the house say aha..aha..!wink! wink! Lol..

NB - I am sure Bishop Dale will be mighty proud of me as i have taken his message to another level!lol
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