Sunday, November 29, 2009


I woke up yesterday with a song in my heart...My destiny reject every form of manipulations. This is one song i learnt from a mentor and a father in the Lord - Apostle Wole Oladiyun. I have been blessed by his ministry and i bought City People magazine every week then, just to read his write up and pray his kind of prayers....(My dear husband believes otherwise..he wonders what i do with such magazines..and as i always tell him, its my business to know what is happening in my, apart from Pastor Wole's write up, i used to also read Pastor Poju's write up but if the truth be told..i enjoy some bit of gossipy stuff there!hahahahaha..I am delivered now as my vendor has lost a priorities have changed i guess and my industry may soon change!lol)

On My father - in the Lord's kind of prayers..subject for another, i cannt resist putting this here though from a dear friend that i was chatting with on various things including my level of prayer..and he was like;" Bridget..are you praying from a position of Rest or from Reaction?
'.. i paused and told him from both positions..Rest because i know, in whom i believe and know its a concluded battle and victory on my behalf but reaction, that a fly does not perch on a hot Pray i fire by force my victory must be enforced!lol

As i was saying, i woke up with the song and it got me thinking and as usual, when i am in that mode..i pray and go to the word of God to confirm the "vibes" i am getting..and looking through, i saw that manipulation of destinies started from Genesis..God had His plans for man but the devil in his way came in the form of the serpent and manipulated the woman and Adam from the paradise that God created for them, leading to the downfall of mankind...

From there,started more manipulations of destinies, from Cain wasting Abel's life in Genesis 4, to David wasting Uriah's life in the battlefield because of his wife Bathsheba in 2 Samuel 11..i saw a lot of lives being wasted by the devil, who is a thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy..using people that are influenced by him to affect and destroy lives..

Imagine if the Hebrew midwives had agreed to be manipulated by the King's proclamation to waste Moses life as a baby in Exodus 1 and 2 ..what would have happened to the Isrealites plus the first five books in the bible ?..i leave that to my debating opponent/co -debaters to answer!lol..this is for you to know that i "debated" in school!hahahaha

Seriously now and jokes apart, we all need to pray that our destinies must reject manipulations..check out the story of Amnon, Tamar and Absalom..they all had wasted destinies because one person the devil wanted it so and used a friend Jonadab to convince Amnon to violate his sister Tamar, from can see a chain reaction in all lives but honestly, if you read the bible carefully, their father David brought evil into their lives with what he did by wasting Uriah..(this brings me back to the issue of our fathers taking the lead..May God help our fathers to lead according to God's will for our families, so that our children will fulfill their God given destinies).

There are so many cases of destinies destructed in the bible..Naboth's destiny was wasted by Jezebel and even Prophet Elijah, took a quick flight to heaven before she will get to him..The man fear face!lol, hahahaha, who wan die? lol, check out 1 Kings 21.

If you truly take your time and read through the bible, you will see people that were manipulated by their parents, friends, and others and they ended up living a life that was not destined for God said that His thoughts towards us are thoughts of Hope and a future..Jeremiah 29 - 11

So dear reader of this note, its time to read the bible for yourself and get out God's words, to help you fulfill your glorious destiny which God has for you..Jabez in 1 Chronicles 9 - 10, came to a realisation that his mother had given him a name that was not given to him by God and manipulated his he cried out to God and God granted him his request..Some of us have to do that now..we have toiled, done things and yet nothing to show for it..its time to pray that your destiny must reject manipulations in Jesus name.. before you do that , if you are not saved and do not know Christ, you belong to the devil and he will be free to do with your life as he will..God forbid! So say this Prayers below:

Dear Lord Jesus, i acknowledge that i am a sinner and i ask that you wash me with your precious blood, forgive me my sins and come into my heart, be my Lord and Saviour and help me to live your kind of life in Jesus name amen..

Prayer Point - Ask God to visit your foundations and remove every form of manipulation that is in your life, ask God to help your destiny to reject every form of manipulations in Jesus name amen.

NOTE: Do you know a lot of homes are in disarray because of manipulations from inlaws/friends, a lot of lives are no where near God's desired plan for their lives, because they have been manipulated to live a worthless life? you must pray until your change comes..

Those who ignore the devil live in self-deception. Those who recognize the devil live in fear. Don't be caught in any of these! Pastor. E.A Adeboye on Open Heavens Devotion book of Saturday November 28.

NB - This Note was written for the group; Next Generation of Fathers on facebook..I am expecting you to join because i will soon stop all this free notes to those that are not members!lol!hahahahahaha

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