Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hello all, happy thanksgiving to all our American fathers and to everyone as its definately time for us all to celebrate what God has been doing in our lives these past months.

I was given a tape recently by a dear friend/ sister of mine to give to my husband, that its a tape he must listen to as a father, i took it from her hands and told her that i must listen to it too as i have fathers that God has placed in my heart to help fulfill their God given mandate to be fathers in words and in deeds.

Till date, i am still amazed that God put the vision of this group in my heart and i still ask myself, is it because i am more of a tom-boy that God decided to give me the vision or because i see myself as one of the boys and have heard things from the men that i have no right hearing!lol

The passion to see the men of this generation succeed is such a burden on me that i am truly asking God, what do i do to reach out to these men He has brought into my do i reach out to them, how do i let them know that leading their family into God's will is key for them to fulfill their destinies, how do i let them know that its their duty to keep their home and marriage together, praying, modeling the right and Godly behaviour that will make their sons want to be like them and their daughters look out for men like them to marry...Its a challenging job for me but one assurance that i have is that God has never given a vision without making all provisions needed to follow through..

I intend doing a research from the bible on who is to lead the home, even though i know that its the man's duty especially after listening to the tape i got from my friend..but just to back up my arguments before my dear fathers in this group, i will go all the way with my research and will unleash my findings on all of you as i progress! please do not miss the messages here, and be rest assured that whatever my findings are, i will back them up with prayers for the men of this group to be outstanding in all they do. God bless us all.

DO YOU KNOW - That the Jewish father see it as a point of duty and command to train up their children especially their sons? Do you also know that there are fathers that have dictated the success of their children..check out Tiger Woods, the Williams Sisters, George Bush Jnr, Kenneth Hagin Jnr, Richard Robert,Feb Idahosa and many others..these are people that their fathers spent time with , teaching and passing on the right values to, little wonder, the children are doing their best where ever they are..

Prayer Point- Pray that as a father, you will not miss it where your family is concerned and that you will not be like Prophet Eli in 1 Samuel 2- 12-36 in Jesus name amen.

Action - Take time out this weekend to spend quality time with your children, put off the fatherly airs and step into your children's world and get to really know them and what they like.., play with them, praise them and above all pray with them, lead them to Christ as its better now than later, because if you get their attention now, i bet you will smile later when other parents are losing it out there. God help us all.

NOTE - These message was sent out to the group the NEXT GENERATION OF FATHERS on facebook

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