Thursday, November 26, 2009


I believe we have been having a great time, especially those of us in America and in Nigeria, with declared holidays to celebrate thanksgiving and the muslim sallah. Lets take this time to spend quality time with God and our families.

I will continue with the message i started yesterday on Fathers, you must take the lead. I sincerely believe that the work of training and educating the children rests on the father first and then the mother. If you read Genesis 18 - 19, you will see where it is said of Abraham by God, that he will command his children and household after if Abraham did not have an intimate relationship with God, God would not have said in verse 17, of Genesis 18, that can He hide from Abraham what He - God was about to do..From this conversation in the above scripture, you will see Abraham's role as an intercessor, interceeding for Lot, his nephew and his family.So those that think its a woman's role to be a "prayer" should have a rethink!

When you look through the bible especially at the lives of the Patriarchs, you will discover that not much reference was made to the mothers/women, as it was the men that God expected to take the lead as fathers.

Taking a look at my life and that of my siblings, i can not over emphasis the role my dad played in our lives, one of his favorite words was from the book of Proverbs 22 - 1 ,that talks about a good name being better than riches.He so hammered on these words that when it was time to go to higher institutions, he would call us and give us a lecture on how he will not come and bail us , if he found out that, we had joined the wrong gang in school or have entered into trouble with the school authorities or the police, little wonder we all did our best to keep his name and keep ourselves out of trouble! lol.

That i read voraciously and write today can be traced to my dad, as i can still remember vividly how, as a high school kid, i would come back for the holidays and read through a heap of three months old newspapers, my dad had kept for me, while i was in school.This, some of my friends find funny as they will tell me that some of the information are stale news but to me, it was news all thesame, stale or not! lol.

Also, that i am married to my dear husband today was a request to God, that i get a man that will be like my dad in terms of his devotion to his family or better than him and thank God for answers to prayers in this regard that my most favorite person is doing his bit as a father in words and in deeds.When i see him with the children, i get blessed knowing that my daughters will have a reference point, when its time to start a relationship.Years ahead o..but just knowing that i will not have to contend with bad boys syndrome with my daughters is enough to say thank you Jesus !lol..hahahaha.

So dear Father, its time to take the lead and build the next generation, may God help us all to take our place and play our roles as spelt out in the bible.Read Proverbs 22- 6, Deuteronomy 4 - 9, 6- 7, Psalm 78-3-6, Ephesians 6- 4 and 1 Samuel 12 - 2-3.

DO YOU KNOW - That every family on earth has a spiritual and physical destiny or an assignment to fulfill?Abraham's assignment was to be a father of Nations and a blessing through all generations, small wonder, those associated with that name are so blessed..that some of us sing today about Abraham's blessings being ours and we are blessed in the morning, noon time and evening.

Prayer Point - Ask God to reveal to you what your assignment and family's destiny is,and ask for the grace to fulfill it.

Action - Take out time to fashion out a 10 or 30 minutes program with your children weekly.

Note: In my house, my husband has a time out with the children called "Character time" , this is done every sunday evening and he explains to them a lesson for the week which they must apply, some times, its just a word.. i.e learning to say "please" or thank you..but it has helped my girls to behave as you hear them saying, "Daddy said, you should say please or thank you when

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