Monday, October 26, 2009


I sent this message to a group i created on facebook called Next Generation of Fathers and i decided to share it here as i believe it will bless us all.

Happy new week , i trust God has been faithful to us in this month of celebrations. My encouragement today is that despite the fact that everything around us seem to have failed, the truth remains that God can not fail. Its time to trust Him more and to let Him know, that you are not going anywhere until He answers you, as He is not a failure and so you wont end up a failure.

Do you know - Many times we talk more to our friends than we talk to God? Any man or woman that will talk more to God, will talk less to man - (Damola Akiogbe).

Prayer Point - Ask God for the grace to hold on, until your change comes, tell Him that like Jacob in Genesis 32-26, you will not let him go until He, God blesses you.

Have a marvelous week, I await outstanding testimonies from us all.God bless us all

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