Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I got this title from a song, by Evangelist Sonny Okosun of blessed memory, as i sat to ponder on the state of the Nation, i see and hear things and tell myself that we should be better than we are now.
if at 49 years we are still grappling with a lot of issues that should not be named in our midst, then its a case for Dr. Lambo as my late mentor will say or a case for deliverance!

I see a government that has failed its citizen, a church that has turned its back on the people and people that have chosen to bury their heads in the sand in a path of self destruction- lawlessness, disorderlyness and other vices that has helped in giving the country a bad name.

Knowing this is a democratically elected or imposed government, should have given some of us hope that things will get better but what do we have, things seem to be getting worse by the not even the basic of infrastructures are available.
Energy, that is a main need of the country is unreachable despite billions that have been spent by the former government and the current i wonder..why is no one being called to order about the monies spent on the power/energy sector or is NEPA or PHCN, the cash cow of every administration to siphon money or another way of sabotage to see that nothing good comes out of that sector as its being speculated in some quarters, by those selling diesels, generators etc to be in business forever ! Why should a few people hold the country to ransome and watch as people die from fumes of generators, fire burn from contaminated fuel etc..why will the government sit down and watch companies that employ thousands and even millions go under as a result of the stress from spending so much on energy/power, why are this same companies being taxed by both state and federal government, when there is nothing to show for the taxes they are paying, why is the government watching while companies relocate to ghana which is a more conducive environment while many Nigerians are thrown to the already saturated unemployment market ?

Who will save the country from the back lash of unemployed and angry youths walking the streets of the land? is it the uniformed men, that sleep in dilapitated barracks, wear slippers ,torn shoes and tattered uniforms to work, with guns that explode to maim and kill at the slightest provocation?

Who will the masses cry to when even churches and religious organisations are now worse than the government, with members paying tithes and giving generously for them to build schools, hospitals etc that they members can not afford to use! who do they cry to with churches, mosque etc every where yet no development in such areas , as they are waiting for the government that is not forthcoming!..What will it take them to go about doing good and winning souls like the Catholics, Baptist, Anglican missionaries of old did by providing all the basic amenities and making life easy for the people, thereby winning more souls to the Kingdom of God ?

I believe its time for us all to reach within and ask ourselves, where do i want this country to be in the next one year, two, five and ten years and what can i do to make it a country of my dream, if we can do our own being honest with ourselves and start by building the land with our words and actions, then truly, we will all know the way Nigeria will go as we all as Nigerians will decide the way!

Nigeria, you will be great again and those that have plundered you will be put to shame as God will help your people to rebuild you again as Nehemiah in the book of Nehemiah in the bible rebuilt Jerusalem, the Sanballats and Tobiases of this land will be disgraced, while God will help the Nehemiahs to build a new Nigeria in words and in deeds.. .God bless Nigeria! At 49, your best years are ahead of you as you will be made a praise among the Nations of the earth in Jesus name amen.

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