Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I just had to share this, its from my beloved pastor, Pastor Ayo D..this is from his weekly e-votional which i get every monday by way of free subscription on yahoo....

This is a call to stand up and help ourselves by praying for one another and standing in the place of our calling like true soldiers, Pastor Ayo, God bless you for this.

Everyone Needs Someone!

Dear loved one,

As we begin another work week, we will continue our discourse on principles that can help build a successful relationship. We believe healing, restoration and a new beginning in your relationships. Enjoy this piece...


This happened to a friend of mine and not in any way a makeup story. "Sometimes ago I travelled to one of the African countries, for a meeting on medical informatics. It was my second time in that country. The first time I never really had much contact with people nor any form of leisure, so it never occurred to me what was waiting for me this time round. To my surprise, one of the ladies who works with the organizers of the meeting (a very beautiful babe if I must confess) had a crush on me or may I had a crush on her in less than 3 hours of meeting. She was part of the team who welcome us at the airport. I couldn't explain how I got into the unenviable position of being the one she admired; you may conclude love or lust at first sight. We got talking later that evening at the welcome cocktail and perhaps under the influence of red wine, the lady told me, I'll be passing the night with her. "I think... only stupid guys would want to sleep alone tonight in their rooms... that won't be fair, would it?"

Those were her words. I froze at the boldness and effrontery with which she said those words. Earlier on the flight, I met this gynecologist who was also a speaker at this meeting. Incidentally also we were both on the aisle seat adjacent to one another so we had shared a lot all through the flight. Our discussion also revealed our faith. To cut a long story short, only God knows what would have happened were it not for my doctor friend. He saw us walking and discussing after the cocktail and walked straight to me and said in pidgin English "Oh boy which one you dey... wetin you wan do with this pickin ... you wan crash with am abi na wetin?" "Noo bros.. we just dey gist in fact I go soon enter my room " I managed to utter. Immediately he held me and said good night to the lady and said "We are sharing my phone since he doesn't have a SIM yet and his wife had called and I told her to call again about this time... so see you tomorrow". That was my deliverance. While in his room he told me stories of his friends who came on similar visits; had flings and lived to tell unpleasant stories. He said if I had resisted his intervention he would have left me alone but he was glad I didn't. He said he knew I needed something else to get me back to my senses. To complete the job... we swapped our rooms and the lady called my room thinking I was the one but the doctor responded each time she called and she couldn't call after some time because she didn't know what the response would be".

Moral of the story: The adversary can only strike in the "dark"... the moment we are isolated and lonely from our web of supports. Those moments that we are alone, lost in thoughts, with no one to share our struggles with. The enemy usually waits for those vulnerable moments. Lend a support to someone this week. A word of encouragement, prayers, and questions about the challenges at work, in business can save someone from ship wrecking their lives (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12).
Have a great week!!!


Ayo D.

NB- Its his intellectual property but i copied right including his name! lol


Felix said...

Good story... everyone really needs someone. Thnx 4 sharing

Harry said...

Good one....keep it up