Saturday, August 8, 2009


What do you do when nobody is there ?..Joseph in Potiphar's house was Joseph in the Prison and Joseph that later became one of the most influential man in Egypt.

He was constant in the area of his character despite being a prisoner and far away from home, he had the perfect excuse of bailing out on any Godly message his dad Jacob/Isreal had taught him....knowing that his own brothers that probably heard the same message were the ones that sold him to slavery and so he had the perfect excuse to "sin" against God.. ..but no, he kept God's words to heart and proved himself to be a man of noble character..Samson on the other hand, despite what he was taught,did the opposite and he truncated his destiny!

Another person that truncated his great destiny was Gehazi, the servant or should i say persional assistant of Prophet Elisha, he would have had a double or even triple portion of Elisha's anointing, but a character flaw..terminated his destiny and he ended up a leper.(2 King 5: 1- 27).

Lets take time out this month and do a self appraisal and see where we need God to help us as He made us and knows us better than any other person, lets be real with God and ask for his help to terminate all character flaws that will want to terminate our great destinies.

Do you know..Character is doing the right thing when nobody is watching you?

Prayer Point - Pray that God will help you to remove every destiny terminating character traits from your life in Jesus name amen.

Note - We are doing a Character study this month of August 2009 - our reading texts are Genesis Chapters 37 - 50 and Judges Chapters 13 - 16. The two men for our Character study are Joseph and Samson.

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nothink4me said...

You would do the right thing if you knew GOD was always watching.
Most don't realize that nothing is hide from GOD. Some don't even believe there is a GOD. Joseph wanted to please the LORD, he cared not about pleasing man. I love the story of Joseph. Nice post.