Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Happy new month of AUGUST. Its a month, i have declared a month of doing all things through Christ that strengthens us according to Phillipians 4 - 13.
This month, we will be doing a study on Character..Character is one vital ingredient in every man's life..Character is more than talk, for talent is a gift and character is a choice! (Paraphrasing John Maxwell).

To have an understanding of what Character means to the success of a man, i will like all of us, this month to study two people in the bible, which will form the foundation for our character study this month..Check out the story of Joseph in Genesis Chapter 37 to Chapter 50 and that of Samson in Judges Chapter 13 - 16. My prayer is that God will help us to study these two men and decide to work on areas where we need God's help in our own lives.

Do you must stay teachable to build your character.

Prayer Point - Ask God, to help you in areas of weakness and help to build your character.

Action - I need feedback to continue this please lets share as we are all learning. God bless us all.

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